Check TFN’s Voter Guide — Then VOTE!

On Tuesday voters head to the polls in important elections for state and national offices. Races for the Texas State Board of Education are especially important this year. For the past four years, a powerful faction of political and religious extremists on the state board has turned nearly every critical debate on curriculum standards and […]

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Are You a Christian or Judeo-Christian Voter?

The religious right insists on using faith to divide Americans. So with voters headed to the polls on Tuesday, the website for WallBuilders — David Barton’s Texas-based group that opposes separation of church and state — offers two links to voter guides: one for Christians and one for “Judeo-Christians.” (Click the image below to see […]

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SBOE Campaign Finance Reports – 8 Days Out

The final campaign finance reports before next Tuesday’s election were released earlier this week, detailing funds raised and expended over the period of September 24 – October 23. They suggest we might be in for an eventful closing week in some of the hotly contested SBOE races. Here are a few of the notable findings […]

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Politics and the Pulpit

Some good news from a new survey from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: just 5 percent of people who attend religious services at least once or twice a month say that their clergy or other religious groups have urged them to vote in a particular way. That survey makes it […]

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Early Voting!

Early voting is already in progress in Texas. This year’s elections, especially for the State Board of Education, could be critical in deciding whether millions of Texas schoolchildren get an education based on facts and sound scholarship or the personal agendas of politicians. The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund’s 2010 Vote Guide is available here. […]

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