Concerned Women for America (CWA), a national religious-right group with an active Texas chapter, is accusing a federal judicial nominee of being a “radical” in part because of what she has written about abstinence-only sex education programs that promote gender stereotypes.

In an email to activists today, CWA President Penny Nance writes that the U.S. Senate should not confirm President Obama’s nomination of Georgetown University law professor Cornelia Pillard to serve on the U.S. Appellate Court for the D. C. Circuit. Republicans have been blocking a Senate vote on Pillard’s nomination. Nance calls Pillard “one of the most radical nominees we have ever seen to such an important court.”


Nance says that “Pillard’s disdain for women of faith is felt vividly on her views on abortion and contraception.” Apparently, that’s in part because Pillard dares to suggest that women have the right to seek an abortion and access to birth control regardless of the religious beliefs of their employers. But Nance also criticizes what Pillard wrote about the failures of abstinence-only sex education in a 2007 article titled “Our Other Reproductive Choices: Equality in Sex Education, Contraceptive Access, and Work-Family Policy.”

Nance quotes from that article in her email… Read More

UPDATE Late Thursday the haters at the right-wing Texas Pastor Council sent out an email promoting a “Save Our Scouts” rally on Wednesday at the Boy Scouts of America national headquarters in Irving (near Dallas). The message promotes the smear that gay people are inherent threats to children and churches:

Pastors, if the scouts fall, the church is next in the sights of the activists committed to forcing their immorality on society – WILL YOU COME?

Fathers, if we allow our boys to be targeted by those who believe there is no moral code and no definition of gender – WHO WILL DEFEND OUR CHILDREN?

Mothers, your voice of courage and protection of the virtue of our children is desperately needed – WILL YOU STAND ALSO?

The email includes a link to a website where activists can get phone numbers (provided by the American Family Association) for each board member for the Boy Scouts of America. The website encourages activists to insist that board members not “allow homosexuals to serve with boys.”


News that Boy Scouts of America is considering whether to end its national policy banning gay scouts has sent the religious right… Read More

A Concerned Women for America fundraising email today includes this lament:

“Recently 133 same-sex couples married in Washington State at Seattle’s City Hall. That number is growing, and will continue to grow, as states around our great nation turn away from Biblical morality and marriage as God created and intended: one man, one woman, no exceptions.”

Well, this story will really set their hair on fire.

The religious right’s long crusade to demonize and marginalize people because of whom they love is finally showing signs of collapse. And clergy and other people of faith are among those rejecting the narrow, intolerant view of equality and God’s love promoted by groups like CWA. Of course, gay and lesbian Texans still face big obstacles to equality at the Capitol. But change is happening at the local level here as well.

All of which makes us wonder: how will religious-right groups raise money when they have no one left to demonize?… Read More

Penny Nance, president of the religious-right group Concerned Women for America, is angry that TIME magazine is considering Sandra Fluke for its Person of the Year. Fluke has been an outspoken advocate of the Obama administration’s new rule that contraception be covered in the health insurance plans offered by most employers. Right-wing politicians, activists and pundits have viciously attacked Fluke, with Rush Limbaugh infamously calling her a “slut.”

In an email to CWA supporters today, Nance expresses her outrage that Fluke would even be considered by TIME, which annually names the person who most influenced the news for better or worse over the past year. Nance says Fluke’s nomination “makes my blood boil”:

For too long, radical feminists have been center stage, dominating women’s issues and denigrating what it really means to be an American woman.

We don’t need a “Person of the Year” award to keep fighting, but I won’t allow Sandra Fluke, TIME Magazine, or any other anti-family Leftist speak for me.

So by insisting that women have access to affordable contraception, Fluke is somehow “denigrating what it really means to be an American woman”? By rejecting the notion that employers have a… Read More

Last week we saw far-right critics comparing health care reform to slavery and suggesting that U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is mentally unstable. Now pressure groups on the right seem to have decided to insult everyday Americans as well. The Texas chapter of Concerned Women for America sent out an email Friday broadly attacking the health care reform law and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it:

“The condition in which we find ourselves cannot be blamed on anything other than the American people who in their selfish indifference and indulgence bestowed leadership on people who then misused the responsibility.”

So a religious-right group that opposes a law designed to expand health care coverage to 30 million Americans, including children and adults who otherwise can’t get such coverage because they are already too ill or too poor, is calling supporters of that law selfish and indulgent? Seriously?

The CWA of Texas email goes on to invite reform opponents to the group’s “Culture Warriors in Action” conference in September in Austin. In a separate email, CWA of Georgia also picked up on the “culture war” theme in attacking health care reform:

“(O)ne truth has not changed… Read More


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