Oh, you just knew this wouldn’t take long, right?

Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, is wading into the “controversy” over President Obama giving a speech to students next week about the importance of staying in school and getting a good education. Of course, Ms. Dunbar has already charged that the president sympathizes with our nation’s enemies and wants another terrorist attack so he can throw out the Constitution and declare martial law. So what do you think she has to say about his speech to students? Do you need to ask? In a statement posted on the Houston Chronicle’s blog, Ms. Dunbar says:

“His Address is undeniably unprecedented and arguably goes well beyond the scope of federal jurisdiction. It conceivably can be disconcerting for a member of the Federal Government to request the use of classroom time to make a connection with students on a national basis.

Understandable concerns may arise that such an address has the potential to open the door to students accepting an unconstitutional level of direct accountability to National Governing Authorities. The fact this presentation is being made at a time when the parents of these students… Read More

Far-right members of the Texas State Board of Education critical of President Obama’s planned speech to students next week apparently have selective memories. While they’re concerned that the president will politicize classrooms and try to “indoctrinate” students with a political agenda they oppose (even though the speech is simply about the importance of staying in school and getting a good education), they’re ignoring an earlier president who actually did drag politics into the classroom: Ronald Reagan.

As Media Matters reports, on Nov. 14, 1988, President Reagan addressed and took questions from students from four middle schools. The event was broadcast by C-Span and fed to schools across the country. During the event, President Reagan launched into a defense of tax cuts even in the face of growing budget deficits. He pressed the case that lowering taxes actually increases government revenue, an argument that Media Matters notes is sharply disputed by economists.

So we wonder whether far-right members of the State Board of Education will now denounce President Reagan for trying to indoctrinate students with his political agenda. But we won’t be holding our breath.… Read More

This is just nuts. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that plans by President Obama to address students across the country next week have right-wingers -- including Texas State Board of Education members -- foaming at the mouth about "political indoctrination" and students being "ostracized" if they don't agree with the president. One Houston-area parent tells the newspaper: “I think it's inappropriate because it smacks of political indoctrination of the worst kind. It's not just a speech. It's a specific curriculum to go along with the speech directly from the president of the United States without review.” Good grief. Read More