So are we now seeing the new face of Texas following the right-wing sweep on election day last Tuesday?

According to various media outlets, a television reporter says he was assaulted as he tried to cover the election night victory party for state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, last Tuesday. Patrick’s right-wing supporters were celebrating an election that will make Patrick — who even the Dallas Morning News has characterized as “potentially explosive,” “reckless” and “untrustworthy” — the Lone Star State’s next lieutenant governor.

As Talking Points Memo reports, a Patrick supporter apparently was upset that the reporter was on the air while someone prayed from the stage:

Foti Kallergis, a reporter from television station KTRK, and his colleague, Deborah Wrigley, were covering the election results when somebody apparently confronted them for going on air during the prayer.

In video posted on Monday by Mediaite Kallergis could be seen on camera just before the altercation took place, but the broadcast cut away from the live shot to other footage before the commotion began. In the video, Kallergis could be heard trying to continue to read his report while a man’s voice began to speak over him. Kallergis eventually went silent.

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Actually, things change all the time. It’s the religious right that never, ever changes.

2002 (Click image to enlarge)

2014 (Click image to enlarge)

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UPDATE TFN has issued the following statement in response to the anti-gay mailer in the District 10 Texas Senate race.


Texas Voters Rejected Similar Anti-Gay Hate Campaign 12 Years Ago


Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is condemning a reprehensible anti-gay campaign mailer attacking the Democratic nominee for a state Senate seat from North Texas.

“These kinds of hateful campaign tactics represent politics at its worst,” Miller said. “To smear a candidate because she supports equality for everyone is shameful and out of step with Texas voters who are leaving that kind of bigotry in the past.”

Reports indicate that an out-of-state organization called the National Family Coalition sent out mailers to voters in the District 10 state Senate race between Democrat Libby Willis and Republican Konni Burton. The mailer charges that Willis is “pushing… Read More

We’re proud to announce the Texas Freedom Network’s endorsements for governor and lieutenant governor for the 2014 election. Our full slate of endorsements will be released before early voting, but TFN members will have advance access to that list. So become a member today at

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A candidate seeking a seat in the Texas House of Representatives in the May 27 Republican runoff recently warned listeners on a religious radio program about “the infiltration of our society by Muslims.” The Texas Tribune reported about the comments by Rob Henneke, who finished second in the March primary for the GOP nomination to replace state Rep. Harvey Hildebran, R-Kerrville, in a Hill Country House district:

“I’m very concerned about the infiltration of our society by Muslims right now in Texas,” Henneke told listeners. “I don’t think people are aware about how pervasive that has become in our society.”

He said he would support in the next legislative session the passage of the American Laws for American Courts Act, which would forbid the use of foreign law in the state’s courts.

“We have good, very conservative judges that I don’t think would be open to allowing” Shariah law in Texas, Henneke said in an interview. “But I have seen reports and heard anecdotally situations elsewhere in this country and in Texas where that has been a problem and an issue.”

Our friends at Texas Impact have rightly

When it comes to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, at least one thing has become abundantly clear: he doesn’t have a problem sharing the stage with some of the nation’s most extreme, divisive and hateful figures. That conclusion is underscored by the news that Abbott will be a featured speaker next month at a Texas Renewal Project event that includes a virtual “who’s who” of religious and political extremists.

Last year Abbott — now the Republican nominee for Texas governor — accepted an award from a Houston organization whose executive director calls his city’s mayor a “sodomite,” compares President Obama and Democratic leaders to Nazis and attacks the religious faith of clergy with whom he disagrees, calling them “chimpanzees,” “pathetic” and “pitiful.” Earlier this year Abbott campaigned with rocker Ted Nugent, who has called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and brags about bedding underage teen girls.

Now at the Texas Renewal Project event scheduled for April 3-4 in Austin, Abbott will be joining a list of speakers who have a history of incendiary, hateful and divisive rhetoric. Among them:… Read More