Summer Summit Promotes Responsible Sex Ed

Do you know young folks who want to advocate for responsible sexuality education in Texas? The Texas Freedom Network is now accepting applications for our 2009 Summer Summit Activist Training. The summit will be in Austin June 12-13, and participants must be ages 15-24. The application deadline is May 26.

Participants will learn how to get involved in local school districts to promote sexuality education that emphasizes abstinence while also including medically accurate information on responsible pregnancy and disease prevention. They will also learn strategies for motivating their peers and encouraging them to join the cause.

Why is this so important? Texas has among the nation’s highest rates of teen births and sexually transmitted infections. Yet a recent TFN Education Fund report revealed that Texas classrooms are perpetuating a “conspiracy of silence” that robs young people of the reliable information they need to make responsible life decisions when it comes to sexuality and health. Even worse, the information students do receive is often grossly distorted or simply wrong.

The Summer Summit will be held at the University of Texas campus in Austin and is free for participants. Participants will stay at a private dormitory on the edge of campus, and adult chaperones will be present throughout the event.

Click here to apply for a spot at the summit. If you have any questions, contact Onnalita Maniccia at [email protected] or (512) 322-0545.