How to Submit Comments to SBOE on Science Standards

#StandUp4ScienceThe public comment submission period for proposed science standards is now open and will close on April 18. Texas science advocates can weigh-in with the State Board of Education by following the instructions below.

How-To Guide:

  1. Click here to send an email to [email protected].
  2. The subject of your email should be: “Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 112, Subchapters A-C”
  3. In the body of your email:
    • Reference the proposed standards: “I am writing to express my opinion on the Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 112, Subchapters A-C”.
    • Include your comment for the board regarding the proposed standards. (See our suggested messages for the board or read the full draft standards below.)
    • Identify yourself and any relevant affiliations (parent, teacher, scientist, etc.).
    • Include your full name and city in your signature.
  4. Hit send!

Suggested Talking Points

  • Respect the recommendations of scientists and teachers who worked on the board’s curriculum review teams.
  • Biology standards should include a robust discussion of evolution that is free from discredited anti-evolution arguments.
  • Science classroom should teach the current scientific consensus, not political agendas.

Background Information

At the State Board of Education hearing in January 2017, educators appointed by the SBOE to revise science curriculum standards made recommendations that included removing anti-evolution buzzwords from Texas’ curriculum standards. In a series of controversial votes, a group of SBOE members added back into standards some problematic concepts and buzzwords commonly used by creationists to call into question the theory of evolution.

The SBOE will meet again April 18-21 to take a vote on the final language of new science standards.

For a quick refresher on the current science debate at the SBOE, click here.

For an in-depth explainer on the history of the evolution wars in Texas, click here.

Proposed Changes to Biology TEKS (Full Text)
Text of Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 112, Subchapter C – High School (PDF)