Stand Up for Sex Education and LGBTQ Equality in Austin

by Dan Quinn

On Monday (February 25) the Austin ISD Board of Trustees will vote on an updated sex education curriculum that is inclusive of the needs of LGBTQ students. The adoption of this curriculum would be a big step forward for equality and the health of all students in Austin schools.

But anti-sex education activists are trying to bully the board into rejecting the curriculum. Even worse, they want Austin schools to shame and stigmatize LGBTQ students – or simply ignore that they even exist.

This is outrageous. We can’t let them succeed in turning back the clock in Austin. It’s critical that supporters of sex education and of equality for LGBTQ people come together to do what’s right for all Austin students.

Here is what you can do:

Tell board members: Don’t fall for the scare tactics and fear-mongering of opponents. Sex education should address the needs of all young people in the classroom, without shame, stigma or discrimination.


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