Senate-Passed Bill Would Force Texas Women to Carry Nonviable Pregnancy to Term

by Dan Quinn

Just how extreme has the Texas Senate become under Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick? The chamber just passed a bill forcing women to carry to term a fetus suffering such a severe anomaly that it cannot survive. And the bill’s author claimed he was just closing a ‘loophole’ in the law. Another cruel lie. Another anti-abortion law. We sent out the following press statement.


Bill Forces Women to Carry to Term Nonviable Pregnancies

May 9, 2019


AUSTIN – Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is condemning the Texas Senate’s passage of SB1033 by Sen. Kelly Hancock, R-North Richland Hills, on Tuesday. This legislation would, among other things, force women to carry to term a fetus that suffers from a severe anomaly it cannot survive. Sen. Hancock claimed that his bill would close a “loophole” allowing abortions after 20 weeks.

“Passing a bill so cruel and so dismissive of medical facts and the trauma families in such circumstances are already experiencing demonstrates how extreme the Senate has become under Lt. Gov. Patrick,” Miller said. “The suggestion that such families are taking advantage of a legal ‘loophole’ is breathtakingly cynical and inhumane and yet another lie used to pass anti-abortion laws.”

“It’s bad enough that lawmakers continue use legislation to stigmatize abortion, shame women who have one, and threaten their doctors with criminal penalties. But now the Senate has voted to further torment families by intruding on what is an intensely private decision made by a patient in consultation with her physician.”

An effort in the Texas House to pass a similar measure by amendment failed in 2017 because it was so extreme. SB1033 still requires House passage.


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