SBOE Candidate: David Scott

Because of redistricting, all 15 seats on the Texas State Board of Education will be up for grabs in the November 2012 elections. The results of those elections will determine whether the religious right’s corrosive influence over public education will weaken or grow as the board considers what the next generation of public school students in Texas will learn about sex education, social studies, science and other subjects. We plan to publish on TFN Insider candidate announcements for a seat on the SBOE. We will publish announcements in no particular order, and their publication does not constitute any sort of endorsement by TFN. We will redact requests for contributions or mentions of fundraising events from the announcements, but we will provide links to the candidates’ websites (if available).

David Scott, District 6, D-Houston
(Current District 6 Board Member: Terri Leo, R-Spring)

David Scott is seeking the SBOE District 6 seat that is currently held by Terri Leo, R-Spring. Leo is not seeking re-election. The following is from Scott’s campaign website. You can see an updated list of SBOE candidates here.

My name is David Scott, and I’m running to be your District 6 representative on the Texas State Board of Education. Here are some of the things you will get if you elect me:

* Someone that believes in educating the whole child, mind and body.

* Someone that believes that textbooks (especially in history and science) should have facts, not a political or religious agenda.

* Someone who believes that our teachers and students spend too much time preparing for standardized tests, rather than teaching and learning.

* Someone who believes in fairness in school funding.

* Someone with kids in the public school system, who takes the future of Texas education personally.

Please take some time and read my platform. I encourage you to contact me with concerns and questions.

4 thoughts on “SBOE Candidate: David Scott

  1. I’m mostly fond of his platform. I’d be curious what he thinks of math education, but sounds at least Sensible Party. Probably has an uphill fight.

  2. This guy is a good friend of a friend of mine (was in his wedding) and she asked me to spread the word about his candidacy because he is a truly good guy and would be wonderful on the SBOE. Thank heavens that we have TFN to keep us up to date on these important and too often overlooked races. Thanks Texas Freedom Network!