Right-Wing Pastor Says God Is Punishing America with Hurricanes, Drought

John McTernan, Pennsylvania founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith ministries, says Hurricane Sandy is only the latest example of how God is punishing America:

God is systematically destroying America. Just look at what has happened this year.

There was an incredible heatwave and drought that destroyed massive amounts of the crops. This drought has not let up and now covers about 65 percent of the country.

The drought triggered record forest fires in the West.

The East was not affected by the drought, but now the most powerful hurricane on record is heading directly towards Philadelphia and New York City. It could do catastrophic damage to the entire Northeast!

If you add the area of the drought and now the hurricane together, it would be about 80 percent of the country! As I said, the Holy God of Israel is systematically destroying America right before our eyes.

And why is God doing this? McTernan blames homosexuality, Islam and what he sees as America’s failure to stand up for Israel. And he thinks both President Obama and Mitt Romney are guilty parties and that “the church” is failing to act:

“Obama is 100 percent behind the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem. Both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda. America is under political judgment and the church does not know it!”

So McTernan has called for a special “prayer assembly” on his blog/talk radio program each night until the election. But there’s a potential problem:

“The storm is projected to come right over my house, so it might curtail the prayer meeting if the power is knocked out.”

This begs the question: what has McTernan done to anger God?

8 thoughts on “Right-Wing Pastor Says God Is Punishing America with Hurricanes, Drought

  1. If God’s creating hurricanes and droughts, and Rick Perry (according to Rick Scarborough) and his minions prayed the drought away with their 40 Days to Save America prayer campaign…. does that mean they are claiming to be more powerful than their God???? Isn’t that blasphemy or something???

  2. I have not read TFN’s post yet for a reason. Before the storm hit, I was wondering which Religious Right nit wit preacher would not be able to resist the temptation and step forward to claim that Hurricane Sandy is a visitaion of destruction sent from “Own Hah.” I also predicted that the claim would be that the great storm is hitting “secure Obama states” as punishment for supporting his re-election. “You is all miscegenated.”

    Now I will go read the TFN post to see how right or wrong my prediction was.

  3. As usual Charles, you nailed it! I grew up amongst these hypocrites. Still working at expunging them from my soul.

  4. It should be noted that only the blue states, Obama’s core support, have been effected by this storm. God is is not only paying them back for 2008 but sending a clear message not to vote for Obama next week.

  5. Maybe he’s destorying it because of judgmental, homophobic “Christians” who are doing everything but following the instructions of Jesus who said, among other things, to remove the beam from your own eye before looking for the splinter in others.

    1. You are right , BUT He is destroying both, the hypocritical christians and the wicked , arrogant,unbelievers, also the righteous like ” “Job” will suffer. He does strike America, but with mercy, as devastating as this storm was, it did not hit with it’s potential power. We are all nothing, dust, all of our arrogance is laughable before the power of our God,we should humble ourselves , stop judging each other and indeed judge ourselves , look at the beam in our eyes, and then love each other, but without compromising our faith.

  6. If we take the reverend’s “logic” one more step we would expect the countries with high percentages of non-believers to be the worst in the world. And the most religious nations to be the most “blessed.” Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Japan should be worse off than Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Haiti. Think about it.