Rabbi Katz: This Is Why We Should All Support TFN

Rabbi Neal Katz, a TFN board member who lives in the Texas State Board of Education district Mary Lou Bruner was running to represent, asked us to share this message.

I’m breathing a sigh of relief today, and I hope you are too: Mary Lou Bruner, the State Board of Education candidate who peddled wild conspiracy theories and insulted teachers, was defeated last night in District 9’s run-off election.

That’s my district. My children go to public school here. That’s why I’m relieved she was defeated, and why I’m incredibly proud to serve on the board of the Texas Freedom Network.

Bruner was on a fast-track to the SBOE until TFN broke this story. And their relentless efforts ultimately derailed her campaign. Will you join TFN today as a member to sustain these crucial efforts in our state?

Truly, I’ve been worried the past few months about the possibility that Mary Lou would have any say in my children’s education — much less the five million students in Texas schools. Can you imagine science textbooks that tell students dinosaurs might still be around if Noah’s Ark had been bigger?

There’s no doubt in my mind Mary Lou Bruner would be heading to the SBOE today if not for TFN’s work exposing her, including coverage in the New York Times, Reuters, AP and papers all over East Texas.

I ask you to show your thanks that we “escaped an education train wreck,” as TFN’s president Kathy Miller put it so succinctly, by becoming a TFN member today.

With gratitude from behind the pine curtain,
Neal Katz
Rabbi Neal Katz
TFN Board Member