No More Distractions: Lawmakers Must Stay Focused on the Real Goal

by TFN Insider

No More Distractions: Lawmakers Must Stay Focused on the Real Goal

Vouchers, Other Distractions Would Only Increase Chances of Fourth Failure to Overhaul School Finance
June 17, 2005

By all indications, Gov. Perry appears ready to call a special session to fix the way the state pays for public schools. The session, reportedly to begin on Tuesday, would represent the fourth attempt by the governor and legislative leaders to fix school finance. Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller today issued the following statement about the possible special session.

“Texans must feel like passengers in a car with a confused driver and no roadmap. We don’t need more time-wasting detours into distractions like vouchers, privatizing schools and sexy cheerleaders. We need leaders who can keep their eyes firmly on the road to real finance reform and real tax relief for working families.”

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