Texas Freedom Network’s Just Texas Project, Equality Coalition, and Clergy Host ‘Sing-In’ at Texas Capitol Condemning Legislative Efforts to Ban Transgender Healthcare

High-resolution images of the Sing-In can be found here

May 2, 2023

CONTACT: Emily Witt, [email protected] 

AUSTIN, Texas — Texans of faith and non-faith from across the state today hosted a Sing-In at the Texas Capitol to proclaim support for the transgender community as legislation banning transgender healthcare for minors — SB 14 — is heard on the Texas House Floor.

Texas Freedom Network’s Just Texas Project and organizations from the Equality Coalition partnered to host the Sing-In. 

Texas Freedom Network Organizing Director Adri Perez (they/them) issued the following response: 

“Today’s Sing-In exemplified courage, hope, and resistance amid another senseless attack on evidence-based medical care for transgender Texans from radical right-wing forces in our State House. It was an honor to be joined by Texans of faith and non-faith, clergy, and our partners from the Equality Coalition to combine our voices and sing in solidarity with transgender youth and adults. The message of today’s Sing-In was clear: Texans will never stop fighting for the freedoms of the LGBTQIA+ community.

SB 14 is a cruel and dangerous bill that ignores guidance from every major medical association and violates the fundamental rights of transgender Texans and their families to access critical healthcare. If approved, legislators should know they’re willfully risking the lives of Texans.”

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry Executive Director Reverend Erin Walter (she/her) issued the following response:

“We sang today because progressive people of faith are queer, are trans and nonbinary, and are parents of trans kids. LGBTQIA+ rights are essential to our daily lives, and we gathered in the tradition of the civil rights movement, worker’s and immigrant rights movements, and of pride, to proclaim that oppression cannot stop joy or love. We lift up these songs as a source of spiritual nourishment during a time when our state is in deep need of healing.

“We also sang today because Christian Nationalism is at the root of the attacks we’ve seen on our communities this legislative session, but these extremists do not represent us. It’s especially important in these moments that progressive people of faith and faith leaders speak out against attempts to attack the rights of trans Texans — an act of cruelty that violates our faith’s call to love all of our neighbors. When faced with injustice perpetrated by our own state’s legislature, we’re going to shine our lights. We shall not be moved from our homes in Texas. We have faith that while this session has felt incredibly hard, love and equal rights will prevail. So we sing!”