Your guide to early voting

Early voting is like the real life version of that pop-up ad “Doctors hate this one secret.” The doctors in this case are certain politicians, and the secret is this: with early voting, you have a ten day window where you can vote anywhere! (As opposed to just one day at one specific location.)

But is it harder? Not at all! Check it out:

Step 1: You must be registered to vote.

Not sure? Check here. Not registered but want to get ready for the November election? Click here.


Step 2: Grab a state-issued ID.

These are the only forms of ID accepted to vote:
Accepted IDs for voting


Step 3: Know when and where you can vote.

The early voting period runs from February 16 to February 26. Since you can vote at any location in your county, you’ve got a lot of options! Double check voting location hours here to make sure


Now it’s in your hands.

You know what you need and where you’ll go vote, so now you just need to research who you’re voting for – that’s on you!

But remember: as a young Texan, you have a lot of voting power as one of the biggest voting segments in the state. Just by voting, you’re making an impact. You can multiply that impact by grabbing a friend to bring to the polls with you.