Gov. Perry Drags the Legislative Special Session into the Culture Wars

Today Gov. Perry gave religious-righters some of what they’ve been demanding by adding abortion to the list of items for Texas lawmakers to address during the current legislative special session.

A press release from the Governor’s Office noted that “legislation relating to the regulation of abortion procedures, providers and facilities” had been added to the call for the session. Gov. Perry has also asked legislators to deal with election redistricting, transportation and juvenile justice.

Most of the religious right’s legislative agenda failed to get much traction during the regular legislative session, which ended May 27. But culture warriors in and outside the Capitol have been pushing the governor to open the special session to bitterly divisive issues like abortion and private school vouchers.

The Texas Freedom Network is closely monitoring the special session. Stay tuned for updates and possible calls for action.

17 thoughts on “Gov. Perry Drags the Legislative Special Session into the Culture Wars

    1. Who? Perry? Nah. The two best governors that we have had since I’ve been a Texan: The late, beloved Anne Richards and the late forgotten Dolph Briscoe.

      Dubya lied his head off about Governor Richards and the jerks in this idiotic state voted for him, the rest has cost this country trillions and trillions of dollars on unlawful wars. And now we’ve got another jerk who is also a Religious Wrong.

      It is disgusting. With Perry and Gohmert I’m ashamed to tell people I’m a Texan. Yankees, go home!

  1. These people have no intention to do anything about abortion except to hoot, holler, and spew hot gas. Every last crooked one of them knows that “actually doing something about abortion” would cost them an issue that gets votes and allows them to whip up the backwoods religious rhubarbs into a GOP frenzy. The one thing conservative Texans can count on other than death and taxes is the FACT that the GOP will NEVER do anything meaningful or lasting about abortion.

  2. If he runs for another term, this will only get worse. There are enough Republicans tired of him that he might not survive a well-funded primary opponent without playing to the crazy base.

  3. Beating up on unmarried pregnant women is the most fun that right-wing religious Republicans can have. It makes them feel so unctuous and better than other people. Anti-abortionist Republicans care about fetuses but not about children once they are born; otherwise, they would support the Affordable Care Act and CHIP better, and not keep damaging public education. They claim to be “pro-life” but they are not, since they don’t care about the life of the mother or the child after birth.

    I don’t understand why Dewhurst is being so astonishingly reactionary. What office does he intend to run for now that he needs the votes of the notoriously wacko-radical-right Texas Republican electorate? He lost the Senate race. Can’t he now allow himself to return to being a normal human being?

    1. Stephen, you hit the nail on its head. I prefer to call those people the religious wrong. They have two wars going on: The War on Women and the War on Children to boot!

      IMHO, the Religious Wrong have a disease that runs through the entire bunch: Cranial-Rectal Inversion (CRI). They read their hate-filled bibles through their navels!

      The crazy thing is that I read the same bible and find LOVE to be the thing we’re supposed to do, not hate. They misinterpret that the homosexuality is referred was a religious rite that the Egyptians and Canaanites performed and was called an abomination. Well, hell, so is eating shell fish, why doesn’t the religious wrong harp on shell fish eaters???

      Because they hate everything and have poor self images, they assume (yes: ass u me) that everybody is like them or should be.

      Why are the Tea Party haters cutting programs for children and the poor? They remind me of the late comedian who said, “When a man is down, KICK him.” That is the modern GOP (God’s Only People?) is doing. Cutting head start programs, cutting SNAP programs (referred to as food stamps). In the United States?

      But those very same people who are doing the cutting are still flying around the world on the taxpayer’s money going to places they don’t need to be.

      I give up…I just hope the people will finally understand that the Tea Party is an organization that was started by the Koch brothers who want this country to continue to be an oligarchy instead of the Democratic Republic it was meant to be.

  4. Okay, I read that Dewhurst wants to be the next governor. Really? His current job is more powerful than Perry’s. If he runs for governor, some Tea Party candidate who is a better campaigner will run against him in the primary and he will lose…again. Why can’t his motive be something like wanting to help people instead of moving higher on the most stupid, callous, and ignorant totem pole in the country. Is that really his highest ambition?

    1. @Irene Berns: Good point. I don’t suppose any of those political “men” have ever heard of, let alone read, Atwood’s Handmaids Tale.

    2. Well said, Irene. I continue to be amazed and disgusted by the ongoing battle some face in Texas.

  5. What about abortion being legal in the United States don’t the religious wrong understand?

    I’m 70+, so this does not apply to me, but the states are making it neigh unto impossible for a woman who needs to abort a pregnancy abort.

    The most ludicrous statement about abortion recently came out of the mouth of one Louie Gohmert when he told a woman that he sympathized with her plight that her fetus had not developed a brain and needed to have it aborted. Gomer said, “Why not deliver it to term, it might live.” Yeah, Louie, your mom didn’t abort YOU and look how YOU turned out with no brain.

    The fetus has NO chance of surviving birth. It would die soon after leaving the womb. Does Gomer care? Hell no, he can never bear a child, so what if a woman has to go through hell as long as abortion isn’t performed.

    This country is a SECULAR entity, not a religious one. Yet the “religious wrong” keeps attempting to block the Supreme Court’s decision that it is legal.

    IF the “religious wrong” thinks that abortions will magically disappear, they’re idiots of the first degree! Women will just have to do what they had to do for centuries; go to a back alley abortionist and risk incalculable harm.

    Naw, says the “religious wrong,” don’t let them have safe abortions, let ’em die. I DO NOT GIVE A SPIT FOR WHAT THOSE MONSTERS THINK, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM AND AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED PERRY, BEING ONE OF ‘EM, CAVED IN.

    I am sick and tired of a vocal minority trying to run this country and this state. The only thing that keeps me smiling at time is that I am NOT a Christian.

  6. everyone who signed this should turn up at the senate chamber tomorrow at 3:30 and/or friday at 9 am. we should pack the senate and make our presence known. it’s time to breathe life into that saying: “well-behaved women seldom make history.”

  7. Amen Sisters and Brothers! Religion is really just the disguise for these men in power to try to keep women and children down.
    But, it’s not going to work. I agree it is time for us “well behaved women to make history!”

    1. 3:30 tomorrow on the east side of the capital of 9 am friday morning….show your discontent and frustration in a quiet, nonviolent way. day after day until these dolts get the message.