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We are at Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response to observe. Follow our updates at and watch for #theresponse.

8 thoughts on “Follow Our The Response Coverage

  1. The event drew 22,000 people? Not an impressive number considering that Obama’s outdoor speech at Auditorium Shores in February 2007 drew 20,000 people, and there were no seats.

    Thanks for suffering to cover the event. Looking forward to the report.

  2. On television I saw a brief video clip of Perry speaking at the event. He missed his true calling, he should have been a fundamentalist shyster/con man/swindler/preacher.

  3. I’m sorry. I thought Perry’s prayer was very ecumenical considering he is a hard core evangelical. Didn’t you hear him pray: Allah, we know you are a loving god. Allah you are the source of every good thing. You, Allah are our only hope. Allah our heart breaks for America. We pray for our nation’s leaders Allah. You call us to repent, Allah, and this day is our response. We give it all to You Allah.

    Personally, I thought it was remarkably openminded of him to acknowledge their are other gods in America than the Christian god. He might have mentioned Krishna a couple of times but you can’t have everything.

  4. Drawing 22,000 is not impressive or dissappointing in and of itself.

    Drawing 22,000 to a space that can hold 70,00, however, is pretty bad.

    I guess they forgot to ask god how many people would show up. Maybe god is still working on Governor Goodhair’s prayers for rain.

  5. Maybe TFN is not posting anything because it did not turn into a political rally and was pretty much just a prayer convention after all. If so, I hope TFN will be different and not try to spin it towards something political that did not occur—like the Liberty Institute would do. It is okay to just say, “Oops!!! We were wrong.” In fact, I dare say, the pure honesty of it all would be a fresh breeze blowing through Texas, one that would attract more followers and highlight the great chasm of dishonesty that pervades the Religious Right in Texas.