Exclusive ‘Revisionaries’ Clip and Premiere Details

The culture wars at the Texas State Board of Education have been so intense that they made a movie about them.

Sadly, this isn’t fiction.

We’ve told you before about “The Revisionaries,” the feature documentary from Texas director Scott Thurman, but we’re happy to bring you news that TFN will be premiering the film in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

We’re also happy to bring you a new exclusive clip of the film. Our apologies in advance if this brings on some difficult PTSD-induced flashbacks. We’re fully aware of how absurd some of those social studies debates were and that some of you may not have fully recovered.

But first: the premiere details. We’re heading to Dallas to premiere the film at Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre on Oct. 5, with a Q&A session with Thurman and TFN President Kathy Miller to follow the screening. Details for the SA, Houston and Austin premieres are being finalized but they’ll happen this fall.

If you’re interested in tickets and details on the other premieres, keep an eye on tfn.org/revisionaries.

And now here’s the exclusive clip, featuring TFN’s Miller and former SBOE member Cynthia Dunbar. Also featured: Questionable claims made about public education during a rally on the National Mall and people pretending the Constitution doesn’t mandate separation of church and state.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive ‘Revisionaries’ Clip and Premiere Details

  1. The U S Constitution mandates separation of Church and State. The person who denies this apparently never learned to read.

    1. Charles said: “The person who denied it is a lawyer, which is a real mystery to me.” Two words – Liberty Institute!