Defending the Indefensible

by Dan Quinn

It didn’t take long for the wackaloons on the right to start defending the arrest of a 14-year-old Muslim student in the North Texas city of Irving for making a clock and bringing it to show his teachers. But it was so predictable.

Anti-Muslim hysteric Alice Linahan here in Texas is using social media in an aggressive defense of Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest. She is especially supportive of Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, also an anti-Muslim hysteric who has defended Irving police for arresting Ahmed Mohamed and taking him from his school in handcuffs. Here’s an excerpt from Linahan’s rambling post on her Voices Empower website:

What we are witnessing today by the media and unfortunately by the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama; as he invited this young student to the white house for a visit.  This is an attempt to use “forced equality”  based on discrimination and Islamophobia, to shift how we as Americans perceive the world. This is known as critical theory or cultural marxism. This is a clear national security threat because it robs us of “Situational Awareness,” which gives us the ability to protect ourselves from threats both foreign and domestic.

Good grief. That weird word salad reaches almost the incoherence level of a Sarah Palin rant.

In the same post, Linahan also ties what happened with Ahmed to the mythical threat of Sharia — Islamic law — in America:

There are people with varying political agendas who are taking advantage of the revolution underway to fundamentally transform education in America, I.E. (Common Core/21st Century Learning) with the goal of global domination. One of the most dangerous is the push for “Sharia” across the world.

As defined in the book “Sharia, a Threat to America”- “Civilization jihad is a form of political and psychological warfare that includes multi-layered cultural subversion, the co-opting of senior leaders, influence operations, propaganda and other means of insinuating shariah gradually into Western societies.”

In the West a fundamental shift is beginning to be felt, as the American idea of individual freedom clashes with the political purpose of control and submission. The outcome will depend on if individuals refuse to submit.

Sorry, Alice. Ahmed wasn’t on a mission to impose “Sharia” on America. He’s a bright student who was proud of the clock he built and brought it to school to show his teachers. Regardless of whether those teachers really thought he built a bomb, it should have been clear to most folks that, on inspection, it wasn’t. And it’s hard to see any rational defense for interrogating the boy without his parents present, then arresting him and marching him out of his school in handcuffs like he’s a criminal. (Texas Gov. Greg Abbott agrees, by the way.)

Linahan, as you might recall, spearheaded the witch hunt two year ago targeting CSCOPE, a popular curriculum package used at the time in hundreds of Texas school districts. Critics made wild and unsubstantiated claims (and still do) that CSCOPE was promoting Marxism, Islam and an anti-American and anti-Christian bias in Texas public schools. In fact, Irving schools were among the anti-CSCOPE battlegrounds.

Linahan had the support (of course) of far-right members of the State Board of Education (SBOE) in her anti-CSCOPE crusade. And she even stood at a Texas Capitol press conference press conference with David Dewhurst when the then-lieutenant governor joined the attacks on CSCOPE. The anti-CSCOPE jihad finally fizzled after an SBOE investigation showed that the claims were nonsense. But that wasn’t before Linahan’s mob and state politicians forced the gutting of the program.