Chuck Norris, the Bible and Newt Gingrich

You just can’t make this stuff up. A little background:

Back in 2007, actor Chuck “Walker, Texas Ranger” Norris attacked the Texas Freedom Network because we had pointed to dangerous flaws in proposed legislation requiring that Texas public schools teach classes about the Bible. Calling TFN “paranoid,” Norris falsely argued that we were “fighting against the very positions and purposes for which our Founding Fathers raised up this country.” Fortunately, the bill passed only after we succeeded in adding to it nearly all of the safeguards for religious freedom we had proposed.

In any case, the year before — in 2006 — Norris and his wife had also joined the board of directors of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. “There has been a great social regression since the Bible was removed from our schools,” that right-wing evangelical organization claims on its website.

Of course, there isn’t a shred of evidence to support such an absurd claim. But that hasn’t stopped the National Council, Norris and other religious-righters from trying to claim the moral high ground in the culture wars they declared long ago.

Then today Norris endorsed thrice-married, serial adulterer Newt Gingrich for president. And he did so the day after Gingrich’s second wife said on national television that Gingrich had asked her — before their divorce — for an open marriage so that he could continue carrying on an affair with the woman who later became his third wife.

So tell us again, Chuck: what’s the source of the “social regression” you see in America?

17 thoughts on “Chuck Norris, the Bible and Newt Gingrich

  1. How anyone with even half a brain could support, nut, excuse me, Newt Gingrich is beyond me. The right-wing insist that gay marriage will destroy conventional marriage. It seems to me that conventional marriage is doing a pretty good job of destroying itself with proponents like Gingrich.

  2. Narcissist? Try serial adulterer. Chuck Norris is on his second marriage. His first marriage in 1958 to Dianne nee Holachek ended in divorce in 1988 because of an affair he was having with model Gena O’Kelley, 23years his junior, and the same age as his oldest son Mike. Norris and O’Kelley tied the knot after his divorce from first spouse Dianne Then there’s his daughter Dina, born out of wedlock in 1964 to his mistress with whom he was having an affair outside his marriage with his first wife. Small wonder why Gingrich and Norris are such good friends since they both seem to have a problem keeping their republican elephant trunks in check at 45degrees.

    Perry also made Norris an honorary Texas Ranger. Wonder what he had to do for Perry in order to get that?

    A good southern baptist like Norris endorsing a Roman Catholic like Gingrich is blasphemy. However, even an RC is preferable to a Mormon by SBC, Penticostal and Evangelical standards. The evangelicals, baptists and pentecostals have a major problem. If they endorse a real Roman Catholic like Santorum, or an imagined one like Gingrich, then they are being heretical since all three religious groups hold the RCs in contempt and with disdain, considering them to be a false doctrine and The Holy See as the anti-Christ. Endorsing a Mormon is even further blasphemy. Essentially, the christian coalition of baptists, pentecostals and evangelicals hypothetically have no one to endorse, since neither Roman Catholics nor the LDS are considered Christian by religious right standards.

  3. Hi BlueCat. Don’t forget that the same people who rant and rave that gay marriage will destroy the moral fabric of our society is brought to you by the same people who in the late 40’s and 50’s said that integration of the military will destroy the moral fabric of our armed forces. During the 60’s Civil Rights Movement these same people said that allowing inter-racial marriages and integrating African-Americans in the same churches as White Americans would destroy the moral fabric of our society. Now that both social and political climates no longer permit these religious conservatives to discriminate against African American and spread their fear through hatred, they have simply channeled their hate-mongering toward pro-choice and gay marriage. Keeping their flocks in mortal fear by teaching hatred for a group of people is simply the cornerstone for their continued membership, which is vital to their financial success.

  4. There is a verse in the Bible that states that judgement will occur in the house of God first. So the religious right better hang on.

    Please remeber that there is a difference betwen a true born-again Christian and a professing Christian so God is measuring the hearts.

    I don’t like any of the candidates because of their attempts to sound pious without knowing truly the Word of God and His precepts is a turnoff. If they want to preach go to seminary and become one. If they want politics stay in that realm. But if you are going to try and shield things with a Bible then you better beware of what it says.

  5. RtRev – I think you might be referring to 1Peter 4::17, Simon Peter’s first letter to the Greek speaking people occupying what is now Southern Turkey.

  6. I have to tell you folks. After the South Carolina voter returns came in tonight, it became clear to me that Obama is the only choice left for President. He is looking better with each passing day. If the Republican Party does not find a way to ressurect Abraham Lincoln, they are going to be running a male Christine O’Donnell for President in November. Nay!!! They are going to be running a Christine O’Donnell with so much additional bad baggage that only a brain-dead chipmunk would vote for them.

  7. Under a plan Gingrich unveiled a few weeks ago he would appoint a commission to review 1st Amendment decisions made by federal judges. If the the commission found those decisions inconsistent with their religious beliefs then the offending judges would be removed from office. Newt thinks it’s time to do away with the checks and balances between the branches of government that have served us well for 224 years.

    Should Gingrich be elected president and appoint such as commission We The People would have no option other than unleasing the dogs of war upon the religious right.

  8. I’m going to assume Chuck Norris is just putting us on with his Newt Gingrich endorsement.
    Because, when he announced his endorsement, Chuck said he was impressed with Gigrich’s “humility.”
    Of all the things Gingrich has ever been accused of, humility is absolutely not one of them.

  9. Couldn’t we say that Gay Marriage was responsible for the failures in Naughty Newt’s marriages?

  10. @ Eric Hetvile except when Newt was in school they still had the Bibles. Evidently he didn’t read them.
    @ Robert Bohmfalk And just what evidence would show that? Tell me why the states that allow same sex marriage have the lowest divorce rates in traditional marriages, whereas the “Bible Belt” has some of the highest.

  11. As an member of several high school student exchange programs in France, i have to mention that French families worry about the place and the family which are selected in the USA to receive their kids which might be taught “crap science” and religion oriented courses in a US public school depending on the orientations of a State school board.

    What they see on TV about the influence of evangelical groups, mega churches and the Elmer Gantry(s) running for the presidential elections is felt as very disturbing . We grew up with Kennedy running for presidency, our fathers knew all about Roosevelt or Truman, Eisenhower … Great figures. The comparison with today candidates is appalling.