Checking the TFN Hate Mail Bag

We’ve been getting more hate mail here at the Texas Freedom Network. Some of it features the same tired insults we often get:

TFN are Marxist in sheep skins. You people are killing America.

Some clearly struggle with anger issues:

Dear Kathy:

#1 I AIN’T your friend.

#2 Is Jesus, the Christ, part of your so called right-wing extremists? You need to go F**K yourself!

Hmmm… We doubt Jesus would approve that last sentence. And we think he would be appalled by what many on the right do supposedly in his name these days.

Other writers are concerned for our eternal souls:

REPENT!!! Turn to the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Stop supporting the murder of infants and embryos.

Start supporting traditional marriage the way GOD created us to be, and stop supporting perversion for which the disobedient will be judged and punished.

Again I urge you to REPENT, for JESUS said, “unless you REPENT you will all likewise perish!” (That means you will go to HELL!!!)

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up.

The recent PBS airing of The Revisionaries, the award-winning documentary about the culture wars at the Texas State Board of Education, also brought emails. Some folks praised TFN’s work in countering efforts by the state board’s religious-righters to politicize public school classrooms. Others, like the following writer, aren’t impressed:

I live in Colorado not Texas.

I was offended by Kathy Miller on the PBS show.

God is a whole part of who and what we are as a nation(our Founding Fathers were God fearing brilliant men).

This is not a “right” or “Left” issue………………its about taking God out of our school system.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for fighting against the morals and values of a Christian Nation.

Also, don’t confuse the “separation of church and state” and then teach our children incorrectly.

By the way, if you’re interested in screening The Revisionaries for a group, TFN can help you do that. Just email us at [email protected].

9 thoughts on “Checking the TFN Hate Mail Bag

  1. Kathy & Dan: Y’all keep the faith (so to speak!) Fortunately, I’m not a public figure, but if I were I’m certain the hate mail I would receive would make yours pale in comparison. You guys are doing important worthwhile work. For some, ignorance and stupidity are more than traditions — it’s a way of life….

  2. I hope reading that encourages current TFN supporters to increase our donations. I plan to. And I hope others choose to offer financial support. It’s that important.

  3. Some folks that think they have Jesus all figured out and sewed up in their chest pockets in their own personal little god-boxes are gonna get a nasty surprise from The Boss someday, and I don’t mean Bruce 😉 …don’t change a thing you’re doing, you folks are spot-on…I respect you and admire your courage…

  4. Dan, you may look like Karl Marx dressed up as a sheep but so long as you feel pretty that’s all that matters!

  5. I wonder how many folks tossing around ‘socialist’ and ‘Marxist’ as expletives have read “Das Capital” — or even anything by Fourier or Saint-Simon….

  6. I was going to send some hate mail myself but I’m too damn lazy to actually pick up a pen and paper so this will have to suffice.

    Dear TFN,

    I hope you librals and all the other libral God haters out there are proud of yerselves becauze that meeteor that hit Russia yesterday was ALL YOUR FAULT. God has had it with your God hateing and because of that he’s gonna Rapture the good Christuns pretty soon, the End Times is coming, and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. So after the Rapture enjoy your nice 7 yeers of pestulance and dizease and globul warming and stuff like that.