Checking the Hate Mail

Seems like some folks don’t like the Texas Freedom Network’s opposition to far-right efforts to rewrite history in public school classrooms. The volume of our hate mail has increased subsantially, although the quality of the writing and reasoning leaves much to be desired. The writers might have been helped by actually reading what TFN has said instead of relying on nonsense circulated by fringe right-wing pressure groups. Anyway, here are a few excerpts. Enjoy.

Subj: You left-wing loons
The Christian right will always defeat far left loons such as yourselves. We will fight you, and we will win, @ any cost. If you don’t like the country as it is, get out, and move to Venezuela. I’m sure Crazy Chavez will welcome you.

Subj: narrow minded bias
What motivates you? Is this how you begin your morning? Wondering how you can stamp out Christianity, where and how completely? Even to the point of perverting our history? You and your kind are a mystery to me, I confess. Do you seriously have nothing else to do?

Subj: Religion in Textbooks
Your progressive organization(code name for degenerate communists losers)will never change text book facts that this country was founded on Christian/ Judaism  values. Many have tried to change or skew  history and they all failed. The word of  Jesus Christ will never falter or go away and there’s not a darn thing you and your witch’s can do anything about it, missy!!! To try and dismiss these facts and rewrite history is a waste of time . Oh by the way after reading  your Queen Bee’s bio, I understand  what Texas Freedom Network is all about. Let’s see public affairs director for Planned Parenthood, Wow!!!, who would of known Kathy Miller would have ties with  sponsored government abortion clinics. Maybe Abbey Johnson should have a talk with her and set her straight that Pro choice means Pro Murder. Remember live your life by murder and one has a good chance of dying of murder. Maybe that’s what happened to Dr Tiller, you think. By the way is this a satellite organization for NOW, national organization for witches, just curious. Texas Freedom network, now that’s a contradiction in terms because  I smell a big mess of “BONDAGE” instead. Oh and ladies ,OBAMA is  tanking bad. HA,HA,HA.

Subj: Strong Suggestion
Stay out of the public schools, & get out of Texas NOW

Subj: History
If you don’t like the great history of this country, leave. All true Americans love the history of this country and the people who fought for your freedom. You are anti American, and we are tired of your stupidity.

Subj: The Fight for Truth!
. . . (Y)ou are completely a left winged liberal group – out to attack the children.  You are far from about truth, and far from about “letting the curriculum facts” land where they may.  You are part of the group that wishes to push your demented and perverted agenda into the mushy minds of our youth?

. . . The truth is most of us are Middle of the Road, Middle class people who just want happiness and the best for our children.  We don’t want indoctrination from anyone, just the truth.  It is groups like you that force people to the Far Right.  When I see what you have already done to the school systems in this country, of course I am opposed.  You want my kids to grow up accepting Abortion, ‘hey have sex at any age just use a condom and everything is all good, “Hey kids, Homosexuality is normal, “TRY IT”.  This stuff shouldn’t even be in a text book.

As a former teacher, I could go on forever, however thank “God” people are seeing Obama for what he is, and thank “God” for Fox who without them exposing you for what you are, or at least pointing you out to us where you are, so we can fight against you.  Soon, you will be rewriting the “NEW TEA PARTY REVOLT”, because there are a bunch of us that are sick of your shit, and going to push you all back into your closets where you and your sick agenda belongs.

Subj: Your (lack of) values
I have read some of the material on your web site and I find it to be anti-family, anti-Texan, and anti-American.

Subj: misled
When I hear about groups like yours and the destructive endeavors of your group, I always wonder what happened in your lives to have turned you in such a sad direction. If a Christian disappointed you, please remember that we are still fallible even though we are Christ followers. If you were raised in a godless home, please at least give God the opportunity to show you all He has for you. I pray that whoever is reading this will be blessed with the gift of faith and will find the amazing love that your Creator bears for you.

Subj: In my opinion
It is people like you that are ruining  this country. Just because you have a problem with the FACT that the founders of this country held high Christian Values, y’all think that you can change history by changing the History Books. I have no respect for you or your organization. It’s people like you that make me want to homeschool my kids. I hope and pray that you fail. Have a good day.

Subj: How dare you
I understand that your job has got to be tough, but understand this, The People of the USA will fight you if you decided to try to remove things from our history books just because you don’t like what it has to say. You can remove lies but don’t you dare think that We The People will sit by as you take things out like mentions of Independence Day, Remove the words Liberty Bell, and Banning Columbus, Boone and Patton. I have already passed this information on to people on Face Book and AFP. Sending it to every one I know. This is a outrage and if you do not like our history then go someplace else that you agree with. Shoot I will buy your tickets.

Subj: What gives you the right?
We will not stand for a bunch of non-religious ideas trying to eliminate history as it stands. Our children have the right to know and understand how and why this country was formed and brought about. Don’t you think this country is being destroyed enough? Don’t you think that if we keep on this trend we will be weaker as a nation? Do you understand that as it stands now we are the laughing stock of the world? We have enough enemies abroad we sure as hell don’t need homebred enemies and if you follow through with your idea’s and succeed that’s a sign of exactly what you are!. Again. We will not stand for this. The tea parties won’t shine a light to the stance the people are planning to take on this issue because now you are changing the future of our children in a negative and fascist manner.

Subj: private school vouchers
This letter is to inform you all at TFM [sic] that you are thieves and scoundrels and you need to stop countering the movement to apply the voucher system for Texas private schools. You take MY tax money without pardon and apply it to fund programs going on in the public schools that I do not agree with and to teach kids your twisted version of reality that is presently being taught in Texas public schools.

Subj: Hebrews 11:3
I read a quote from you on-line wherein you stated that there is absolutely no conflict between science and faith. I am one who does not agree, and neither does God Almighty.

53 thoughts on “Checking the Hate Mail

  1. Poe’s Law applies here: I, myself, am incapable of writing satire that tops some of the above in poking fun at teabagger types. And you’re precisely right, it appears, in saying that a bunch of those letters came from folks who have never read a word here. They’re being puppets for a Barton or someone similar.

  2. Wow. It sounds like these people are being told that TFN is doing what the right-wing faction of the board is actually doing. That’s a clever trick, to engage in questionable behavior yourself and then attribute that behavior to your opponents.

    Do any of these people realize that it’s the SBOE that’s dismantling the textbooks, with TFN trying to *stop* them? All the figures in U.S. history are being added or discarded based on their political and religious leanings, independently of their contributions to U.S. history. In the new textbooks, only conservatives and the religious are allowed.

    Where on Earth are they getting the idea that TFN is doing this? Boy they have a clever marketing machine.

  3. Is there any way someone could hook me up with the imbecile that’s offering plane tickets outta here? The writer doesn’t stipulate not coming back so, perhaps we could make it a group travel thing? Or is the offer only to Kathy? Darn, she gets all the perks!

  4. These idiots (that write hate mail) need years of therapy.

    I find it amusing that they don’t know how badly they show their ignorance and lack of education when they write this stuff.

    Clearly, they have never read a history book.

  5. That takes “Hooey” to a whole new level.

    I wonder which part of “science” conflicts with faith?
    The part about the earth being round?
    The part about the earth revolving around the sun instead of vice versa?
    The part about my car starting when I turn on the key, instead of when I voice the appropriate prayer to the appropriate diety?

  6. Attn:Kathy Miller
    Texas Freedom Network


    Changing history to suit your movement is nothing more than ideological insanity. There is a reason Texas is, and always will be, strong. Texans, by nature, are resilient, self-reliant, and independent. Have you visited the Alamo? Have you actually read the history you wish to change? What means to an end would removing David Crockett, Jim Bowie, and Col. William Travis from Texas history allot?

    If you have not visited the Alamo I strongly urge you to do so respectfully at:

    If you choose to visit the Alamo, or already have done so, I sincerely hope you respectfully took to heart the sign above the foyer regarding “Gentleman on entering the Alamo will please remove their hats, and all visitors will speak in low tones, in recognition of the sacredness of this shrine.” Somehow, judging mainly from your stance, you have not, will not, and yet, you will continue to blindly refute the history of our great state.

    You, ma’am, are the reason I no longer frequent the town of Austin. You, and your progressive, liberal friends have taken a thriving town, and turned it into a cacophony of minuscule drones creating yet more and more laws to limit the freedoms within my state. I say mine, because I want it back. There is no more room for you in my state, just as there is no more room in your heart acknowledging a creator greater than your ubiquitous existence.

    I am sure if this were a state based upon values other than Judeo-Christian values, you would probably still complain. For history’s sake, your name, Miller, invokes “one who grinds grain”, yet all I see, is “one who attempts to polish a turd, and pick it up from the clean end.”

    I will continue to teach my children the TRUE Texas history, why we, as Texans AND Americans, ARE great, ARE exceptional, accompanied with proven techniques to prevail above any and all conditions.

    I will also teach them why individuals such as yourself should be put in their proper place, first and foremost, abating your influence on future generations, minimizing your efforts to suit your pathetic ideological progressive agenda.


    Corey Mayo
    Conservative First
    Native Texan Second
    American Third

    “The party in power, like Jonah’s gourd, grew up quickly, and will quickly fall.” –David Crockett

    “[If this call is neglected] I am determined to sustain myself for as long as possible, and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor and that of his country.”–William Travis

    “If people let government decide which food they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson

  7. Here’s a quote from Thomas Jefferson, courtesy “Our Founding Fathers Were NOT Christians…

    “Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.
    – letter to Peter Carr, Aug. 10, 1787

  8. “Remember live your life by murder and one has a good chance of dying of murder.”

    I think you should report this one to the authorities, if you haven’t already.

    Thanks for all your hard work, TFN.

  9. Funny thing is, I have reported you to the “authorities”, aka, the voters. You progressives are due to go into hiding anytime now. And I personally can not wait.

    What government provides, government can take away, erstwhile, never actually producing anything, I can see where you would be disillusioned by educated lecturers that have never produced a goddamn thing.—Corey Mayo

  10. Corey Mayo:

    What in the Sam Hill are you talking about? No one ever said anything bad about the Alamo or the brave people who died there. Look. I don’t live in Texas, but my family goes back 300+ years in Virginia on both sides. My extended family is so large (historically bred like rabbits) it probably built more of this country than many other families did. I am a member of a Christian church as are other people who visit here. I love the United States of America. No one at TFN is trying to rewrite American history. We advocate telling American history THE WAY IT WAS and allowing more of that history to be taught to our children. The people who are trying to rewrite American history as a collection of political propaganda, much of it false factually, are the SBOE conservatives and all those two-bit pricks you listen to on conservative talk radio. I know you will not believe anything I am telling you here, but I am telling you the truth. Those people have sold you the Brooklyn Bridge.

  11. Quoting Ben Franklin, Courtesy “Our Founding Fathers Were NOT Christians”:

    “If we look back into history for the character of the present sects in Christianity, we shall find few that have not in their turns been persecutors, and complainers of persecution. The primitive Christians thought persecution extremely wrong in the Pagans, but practiced it on one another. The first Protestants of the Church of England blamed persecution in the Romish Church, but practiced it upon the Puritans. They found it wrong in Bishops, but fell into the practice themselves both here (England) and in New England.”

    Some things never change.

  12. Corey Mayo: Poster boy for WHACK.
    It’s obvious he stopped taking his meds.

    Davy Crockett’s motto “Be sure you’re right. Then go ahead.”

    Corey Mayo’s motto “Be sure you’re a right wing crack-head. Then go ahead and make a fool of yourself”.

  13. Corey and his pals are about as far right as you can go. If you are even the slightest bit to the left of them–albeit still pretty far right–they will call you a liberal loon. Also, if you don’t believe in the same brand of christianity as they do, you are an atheist. Corey, you’re polluting my state. I was born here. You and your pals are always telling people to leave the state or the country. Remember–that option is also available to you.

  14. Exactly, Ben,
    I’m a native Texan. Named for Davy Crockett, Dwight David Eisenhower, David in the Bible. (So Mom has always told me.)

    Corey, what about Dixie?
    How about our glorious Aryan heritage?

    That’s what I tell any of the teabaggers or evangelicals that whine about a black man being elected President.

    “America, love it or leave it.”

  15. I’m Native American. You can all leave. lol

    Seriously though, keep up the god work TFN. I was born here in Texas and I love this state, but the backwards hillbillies that inhabit most of it I could do without.

  16. The level of adult illiteracy exhibited by the far right and evangelicals is nothing short of stunning.

    These have got to be the most uninformed and gullible people.

  17. You know, a lot of blogs and websites that received hate mail and death threats, go ahead and post the email address and IP of the peopel spouting the threats.

    Just sayin’

  18. Naomi: I’m not really sure why that would be done. I disagree with these people and their beliefs, but what happens if TFN posts these people’s info and something bad happens to them? We don’t need far-right crazies blaming this website for violence visited upon their ignorant selves.
    Btw- all this hate mail obviously means y’all are doin’ the Lord’s good works! Keep it up!

  19. I am a descendant of the last man in England to be burned alive for his religious opinions (Edward Wightman), and of another who was exiled from the Massachusetts colony for being a Baptist (Roger Williams), and of another who did prison time for being a Shaker.

    The whole “America was founded on Christianity” chant is completely irrelevant to the issues at hand: the strongest advocates of the absolute detachment of government from religion were the spiritual forbears of those who now so fervently wish to overturn their good work.

    Having a theocracy is just wonderful if it is YOUR preachers that control the police, the courts and the legislature (and you are still on good terms with your preachers).

  20. Why, lookitthat, wouldja? Seems ol’ Corey got Charles so worked up, he couldn’t get a second paragraph out to lambast him with. Not that the one paragraph doesn’t do the job, but that’s the tersest remark I’ve seen from you in a long time. hehehe ( I don’t think his brand of whacko deserves any more response, personally. )

    Rick wins the thread, and the country. Please step over here, next to these Homeland Security officers, to claim your prize!

  21. Rick said:

    I’m Native American. You can all leave. lol Well, I’m not Native American, but I love Native Americans. As Doc Watson might say, “Thems good people.”

  22. Oh, and the Ben Sargent cartoon is too realistic to be funny, although I did laugh. Mebbe ’cause I live in Arizona. Whattayamean, we’re next? I thought we would be after Oklahoma and Kansas?

    I guess it doesn’t matter where; The religious right is never going to stop this battle. They can’t. Left to their own devices, they’re losing hearts and minds like crazy. So they’ve gotta do some major brainwashing now, before those young’uns get old enough to learn about critical thinking, and questioning authority, and science.

  23. Oh, and the Ben Sargent cartoon is too realistic to be funny, although I did laugh. Mebbe ’cause I live in Arizona. Whattayamean, we’re next? I thought we would be after Oklahoma and Kansas?

    I guess it doesn’t matter where; The religious right is never going to stop this battle. They can’t. Left to their own devices, they’re losing hearts and minds like crazy. So they’ve gotta do some major brainwashing now, before those young’uns get old enough to learn about critical thinking, and questioning authority, and science.

    And that’s my comment @2:39

  24. One can judge the importance and effectiveness of an organization by the sort of crazies who emerge from their caves to attack it. Keep up the good work. I always hold up TFN as a model for other states to emulate. — Edd Doerr, President, Americans for Religious Liberty,

  25. Exactly, Michael.

    My great -grandmother, “Granny Mayo” (no relation to Corey) was part Native American.

    My mother was hospitalized for mental illness for the first time in 1951. Her treatment is the history of psychiatry. She was diagnosed with “multiple personalities”, schizophrenia, suicidal depression, manic-depressive disorder, (currently known as bipolar). Her treatment included Freudian analysis, Jungian, transactional, electric shock, insulin shock, ortho-molecular, hypnosis (I was born under hypnosis), every tranquilizer that’s ever come down the pike, barbiturates, thorazine, melaril, valium, lithium, prolixin, xyprexa, neurontin, zoloft. As recently as 1990 she was hospitalized for psychosomatic pain, until they x-rayed and discovered a broken pelvis.
    We were ostracized and persecuted by superstitious people in our small town who believed that she was possessed, or that she suffered from too little faith.
    Through it all she’s remained gentle, forgiving of others. She and my Dad have their prayers EVERY night and say Grace before every meal. Her faith in God has never waivered.
    I have no respect for superstitious, intolerant bigots. I will NOT let them dictate belief to me.
    These people WILL fail.
    In the face of the tragedy of Haiti, our country has responded nobly. We Americans should be UNITED in our pride and respect toward our men and women who are serving to alleviate this tragedy as well as those whose lives are on the line around the globe.
    We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be divided and dragged down into the shit by these superstitious, bigoted pigs (sorry, porcine species, for the comparison).

  26. TFN, keep up the great work. The thinking Republicans and Conservatives are starting to see that the wingnuts are bad for the brand. Keep the spotlight focused on the nutjubs. I hope to see the Republican Party fight it out with the Tea Baggers. I’m glad you reported the email(s) to the authorities. You can’t take any chances.

  27. I’m beginning to think that most of these Tea Bagger fruitcakes are ready to build the Gas Chambers and Ovens for anyone who isn’t white, straight and Christian.

    Thank God I’m white or they might come for me next. They’ll just be coming for the Gay non-Christian non-whites, not me! Whew!

    Don’t these people see that Texas is the laughing stock of the Country?

    Some of the ideas coming out of Texas are just plain Fascist. And that one guys take on the Alamo – let’s not forget that Texas belonged to the Mexicans and we slaughtered them to get it – just because we could.

    In truth America was indeed founded by Christians (the ones who burned witches) but it was the ones basically thrown out of Europe because Europeans were tired of them and their hatred and killing.

    I guess white, straight Christians from Texas are the only people in the whole wide world that know what’s best and what God wants. Thank God for white, straight, Christians from Texas or the Country would have no one to laugh at and everyone would go to hell! Or is there a hell?

  28. Keep up the good work, Kathy. I always read the TFN emails first. At least there is some sanity left here trying to combat the idiots on the SBOE here in Texas. They, along with Gov Hair, have made us the laughing stock of the nation. Oh, by the way, to Corey Mayo, I am an American FIRST, a Texan second and then a liberal. Political affiliations should NEVER trump being a good citizen of our great country.

  29. To the most vitriolic of these posts, I ask, “Have you ever read the Bible? All of it?” You should know that many members of TFN and the majority of liberals are religious Christians, Jews, or other denominations. The only point on which all of the founding fathers were in agreement was that the practic of religion was to be free of government intrusion. Founding fathers were Puritans, Quakers, Deists, Anglicans, Methodists and other groups as well. Many of them had differing views on how to practice their religions. The history of the beginnings of our country are in your public libraries, and not all of them are in agreement, but you should try to read as many as you can; then you can form your opinions. I do not think the way to convince others to be Christian is to threaten to murder those who disagree with you.

  30. Bonnie stole my thunder.

    Good and bad, the true history of this country is complicated, diverse, and fascinating.

    The Mayo clan hails from County Mayo, Ireland. Most of the Irish immigrants were Catholics, booted off their land by the British, who tried to forcibly convert all to the Anglican faith. The Irish struggled for decades with discrimination in this country.
    The first European settlements in Texas were Spanish, who tried to forcibly convert the native population to Catholicism.

    The U.S. Capitol was built by black slaves, who probably secretly maintained their native religions like Vodun. (Voodoo).

    They helped build the first transcontinental railroad, along with Africans and Chinese Buddhists, Taoists, and Confucianists.

    Here’s what James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution”, had to say about organized religion getting involved in government. How prophetic.

    “Ecclesiastical establishments tend to great ignorance and corruption, all of which facilitate the execution of mischievous projects.”

  31. See, I think we are making too much out of this.

    We should just stop trying to teach history and science using textbooks influenced by those damn liberals.

    Just bring in the bible, which clearly tells the only history that we need to know. It answers all the important science questions, and I’m pretty sure it outlines the Judeo-Christian basis for the US.


    American First
    Second and Third don’t matter.

  32. Time for a pop quiz!

    Eric is:

    A. A fairly lame Poe
    B. Delusional
    C. Off his meds
    D. Someone who clearly has never actually read the bible

  33. Yeah, me too. The biggest clue is that he’s way too literate. Eric, you need to pepper your comments with misspellings and poor grammar. Maybe say we’re all a bunch of socialists. Then top it off with a reminder that God will judge us someday. You can’t hold back when you’re pretending to be a true frothing-at-the-mouth wingnut.

  34. The most amusing thing about Corey’s random selection of the Alamo is that the entire story is pure propaganda. Did they all die heroically? Yes – heroically and completely unnecessarily. The Alamo is one of the greatest propaganda efforts in history, which turned an idiotic military decision which bordered on negligence into a motivator for the troops.

    Hrm… Stupid military decisions, propagandizing and flag-waving, using needless deaths as a motivator for further conflict… I think I’m seeing why the story resonates so very much with today’s uber-wingnuts like Corey.

    And I say this as someone who’s lived in San Antonio for almost 20 years.

  35. Challange to the Christian Nation brigade; name three principles that the United States of America was founded upon which are exclusively Christian or originated in Christianity.

  36. Anonymous
    The problem is that if the misguided conservatives in Texas have their way with the textbooksthat get printed , not only Arizona, but 48 other states, will be in line to have ersatz history foisted upon their children. That is why we must support the work of TFN.

  37. RE: The evolution of creationism.

    I’ve been going back and reading articles about the creationism debates of “09.

    The idea has occurred to me that the whole social studies debate is sort of like the point in the old movies when the Bad Guy starts to lose the duel with the Good Guy, and he grabs the Damsel as a human shield.

    They’re throwing out all this stuff on social studies, historical fiction about the founding of the country, Texas, etc in order to co-opt the Tea Party movement. The racists, gun-whacks, etc.
    This is consistent with the otherwise incoherent strategy nationwide. The Health Ins. lobby co-opted the Tea Party first, and the anti-abortion crowd quickly took up ranks as its footsoldiers. This frenzy really gained steam after the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, and the anti-abortion folks got desperate.
    Of course, the NRA, and its racist gun-worshipping drones were right there arm in arm with the other micro-intellectuals.

    So, this social studies business is sort of like the poison exuded on some species of toads or caterpillars.
    It’s interesting to see evolution in action.
    Where’s David Attenborough when you need him?

  38. Re: Corey Mayo.

    Well, TFN-ers, what do you expect from a Faux News devotee? Just proves all the more the points I’ve made here with which everyone has disagreed with me about. It’s obvious this country is moving right-ward. And I do mean ALL the way rightward: straight to Fascism. The lying and disinformation Faux News and its fans are spreading have reached levels Joseph Goebbels would applaud.

    What ironic timing that such a one as Mr. Mayo should such post hatred and ignorance here on this week when author Howard Zinn died. Mr. Zinn wrote A People’s History Of The United States, a book Mr. Mayo and his ilk would do well to read. But I’m not holding my breath. They are clearly not interested in learning.

  39. If anyone is still reading [and posting] in this thread, I had some more reactions to Mr Corey Mayo’s posting to which we were treated above. He added these quotes:

    “The party in power, like Jonah’s gourd, grew up quickly, and will quickly fall.” –David Crockett

    Er, ah, Mr. Corey, does Mr. Crockett’s statement also apply to when Republicans are in power – or does Mr. Crockett limit his comment only to Democrats?

    “[If this call is neglected] I am determined to sustain myself for as long as possible, and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor and that of his country.”–William Travis

    When did William Travis make this statement? Was it before Texas was a state? What “country” was he referring to?

    “If people let government decide which food they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    Actually, the government (FDA) is NOT regulating the food industry like it should. The food industry is regulated more by Corporateworld than by the FDA or USDA. That is why there are unhealthy products on the market that are making us and our pets and livestock sick. Some even die. But I guess that’s all fine and dandy to Mr. Mayo.

    As for the Alamo, nobody is questioning the bravery of the soldiers therein, Mr. Corey. If someone here has made that claim, please cite the source. But you’ve got to ask yourself – and I know you are averse to asking yourself anything – but ask yourself this: What were the people at the Alamo fighting for? Yes they were fighting to bring Texas out of Mexico. But why? Answer: because Texas was a mighty fine place to grow cotton. Cotton is a labor-intense crop, meaning you need slaves. The Mexican government did not allow slavery. Therefore, presto! Just take Texas away from Mexico and VOILA! Slaves can then be imported. Slavery: what a magnificent institution.

    Interesting how Mr. Mayo is telling us basically: You gotta think like ME or else get the hell outta here. Funny how this kind of thinking always comes from the “Right” (“America: love it or leave it.”) When the US went to war against Iraq, I thought it wasn’t a good idea nor called-for. My ultra-conservative brother thought that I should move to France – or somewhere out of the country. So it’s always the RIGHT who are telling everyone to think like them or get the hell out. Very nice American values there, don’t you think? Sounds downright dictatorial. The “thought gestapo.”

  40. Cytocop, with WordPress, no thread is entirely dead anymore!

    Yeah, that “get the hell outta my country” is such a thoughtful response from the right. I also wonder how many Christians who demand that schools reinstate standardized prayer, have attorneys as friends, in order to benefit when the school is sued out of existence?

  41. Yep. “America: Love it or Leave it.”

    That was the standard 1960s conservative retort to anyone opposed to the war in that southeast Asian jungle, where even today the natives love ordinary Americans and treat them like celebrities when they visit—in spite of how much they shelled us and we bombed them. The dominoes never chain-reacted, communism is in the ash heap of history (even among the communists who are really capitalists par excellence these days), and 59,000 dead Americans can still ask the question: “Why were we there?” And no one can really give them a good answer. I agree. Next time the conservatives pull a boner like the Viet-Nam War, it is their turn to leave America.

    Oh, Iraq? “Please make sure your seatbelts are buckled and your tables are in their upright and locked position prior to take off…

  42. America, love it or leave it.
    That’s my advice to the right-wingers.
    I love my country enough to know some facts and have adult responsed to the problems facing it.
    The thought process that Mayo is representative starts with these guys who sit at home and stroke their weapons and fantasize about having an enemy to shoot at like the real soldiers they see on tv. They want to play army.
    Then they go to church or more likely watch some televangelist on tv and start to think that Christianity’s under attack from the “secularists”.
    Then they start going out with their buddies and playing army and “form a militia”, and then they think up all this crap about the Alamo.
    Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that, thanks to Cheney/Bush, and Walmart, we’re a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese communist government.
    They own Corey from the tip of his cowboy hat, to the toes of his cowboy boots, and all points in between, if you get my drift.
    Corey probably works at Walmart, for that matter. For minimum wage.

  43. “Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that, thanks to Cheney/Bush, and Walmart, we’re a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese communist government.”

    As usual, David hits a bulls-eye once again. Yep, America is virtually a vassal state of China.

    How ironic that it’s Communist China who is bailing out capitalist America, keeping our economy afloat and underwriting our wars. Who woulda thought?

  44. Man, I gotta start proofreading my comments. “responses'”, representative of , (or, of which he’s representative, if you’re an English teacher).
    I don’t want to sound like I’m disparaging Walmart workers.
    I kinda wish I had a job at Walmart. A nice, steady, job at Walmart.
    Oh, what’s that? They’re laying off people at Walmart? Hmmm…..
    I keep having this vision of Bush/Cheney in black and white, Bush has a horse collar around his neck, Cheney’s holding a brick and rubbing a lump on his head. They’re covered in dust.
    Bush to Cheney, “Well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”
    Wah,wah, wah, wah…

  45. You’re right. Except that Hardy thought he was the brains of the two, but Laurel actually had all the witty lines.

    I’ve generally thought of them as Dick “Edgar Bergen” Cheney and George “Charley McCarthy” Bush.
    However, Charley McCarthy was way too witty. He was more like Mortimer Snurd.
    Or a cross between the two. Kind of a half-wit.