Checking Our Hate Mail: TFN Is ‘Stupid’ and Public Schools Are ‘Evil’

Our opposition to private school voucher schemes apparently angers “Linda,” who wrote us earlier today. We won’t publish her full name or email address — we’re polite that way. But here’s her email to us:

You either have no kids in the Texas public school system or you are just stupid or a lib which is one in the same.

 public schools are an evil force run by and dictated to by an evil government.

We want better for our kids than to be brainwashed by liberal nonsense that have no moral values and no character building teaching.

Public schools teach that it is good to be a queer when it is written in our Holy Bible very clearly that it is a sin. you libs are advocating anything that is unethical, unlawful and just plain lies.

I will do what ever I can do to get all Texas kids that want out of the horrid public school to have school vouchers and a school of their choice. one that teaches not only the basic education that should be taught but also builds character, honor and ethics.

OK then.

We’re often fascinated by self-righteous critics who, while employing offensive slurs and personal attacks, lecture us about morality. In any case, we’re often asked what motivates voucher supporters. Linda offers one answer, at least for some: they simply hate public schools.

13 thoughts on “Checking Our Hate Mail: TFN Is ‘Stupid’ and Public Schools Are ‘Evil’

  1. I have to chuckle at a letter like this because it reminds me of the oft-heard argument about what parents “want their children to be taught” as if the average parent has any clue of what or how to teach.

    1. Essentially, they want their bible taught. That’s it. My kids were always in trouble because they read and what the teachers were tying to teach them was myth.

      Outside of the Christian books, there is not a single mention of his being and living, nothing!

      Bible thumpers are beginning to be thumped by proving that what they think their bibles actually SAY!

  2. It is a shame that mentally defective people are free to roam wherever they wish; they are dangerous to a Democratic Republic.

    I wonder why people still take things that are none of their business and try to force their beliefs down other people’s throats.

    The bible is filled with myths, with things that never happened. Too many funny-mentalists believe that the earth was built in six 24-hour days, that Adam and Eve really existed, that English is the language in which the bible was originally written…

    The bit about marriage being between a man and a woman IS NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE! I recently won $10 when a funny-mentalist could not find ANYTHING about that.

    The language that was used in the Tanach (so-called Old Testament) was Hebrew and Aramaic, the Christian books, called the New Testament, was written in Aramaic and Greek.

    It is true that there are some areas that could be termed evil, the vast majority? Nope.

    Here’s a TRUTH that cannot be denied. Humanity had its beginnings in Africa. Every human being today has African blood coursing through their veins. Of course, the funny ones reject evolution. Too bad, it’s the truth no matter how the TEAliban tries to reject it.
    Krazy Cruz denies global climate change and lies to “prove” his sick mind. Cruz canot admit that our planet is killing reefs, birds, bees…BECAUSE HIS OWNERS, THE KOCH BROTHERS WOULD TURN OFF THE TAP THAT IS FUNDING HIS BID FOR POTUS.
    Coal is the foundation of their obscene wealth.

  3. Just another example of why so many people vote against their own best interests. The brain-washing of the weak-minded “tell me what to think” members of our society is a task gladly taken on by those whose agendas do not have true altruism as a motive. There’s money to be had and it’s a lot easier to get when they cloak the message in moralistic, “save our children” catch phrases. Want to watch heads explode? Ask them who gets to decide what is “right”, “moral” and “ethical”. Hitler thought his beliefs were right for Germany.

  4. I wonder sometimes if people like “Linda” have any idea that vouchers only pay a portion, maybe less than 50% of tuition for private schools, and how much our society as a whole would suffer from the lack of any free public education. They might find themselves having to choose between education and the necessities of life, between a minimal education at a manageable cost which would not qualify their children for higher education without significant further expense and paying significant out of pocket expense for what public schools now provides. We all suffer if the people we depend to keep our society moving every day do not have the education and skills necessary to serve provide dependable services.

  5. Yes, well, we have elected legislators, purportedly leaders of our state, claiming their right to carry a gun in public comes from an invisible supernatural being who controls the world (and who’s doing a pretty crummy job of it). Is it any wonder the people who elect egregiously stupid people spout this kind of nonsense?

  6. We are fortunate to have the leadership of Kathy Miller in TFN. It would please me if she were to write more on the advantages of public school education in some specifics and in some detail. I suggest we not give “Linda” any space on this website. Her message does not rise to the standards I support.

  7. Anyone can send their child to a private school and pay for it out of their own pocket. If you want a Religious based education then send your child to a church private school at your expense.
    When vouchers are instituted, many of the public schools have to eliminate the fine arts which hurts most of the students. In fact, to grow as a nation, we need Fine Arts in our lives as it helps us see things with a broader perspective.

  8. You’re supposed to live your faith (actions not words), not talk about it. It’s clear that Linda forgot this little detail. How awful that she may be raising others little ones to think this way.

  9. Amazing. Actually Jesus did mention 1 man and 1 women. Also, Adam and Eve did exist and the scripture does say a man should leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife.

    Homosexuality is mentioned 8 times in the Bible and all 8 list it as one that condemns a person to eternal damnation and to be totally unnatural. Period. It is also called a judicial act by God whereby he gives people over to that lifestyle because of their willful unbelief.

    Homosexuality and suicide are two prima facia examples of man’s total rebellion to God and His designs.

    If one desires to know where gay marriage will get a country just go over to the area around the Dead Sea. It has never recovered from the fire and brimstone that God rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom, from where we get the term “sodomy”.

    People who call liberals stupid are very very wrong though. Name calling never solved anything. I teach in a public school. I am not wicked, evil or stupid. There are lots of true born-again Christians who teach in public schools that stick to reading writing and arithmetic so that our students can compete in a world getting more complex by the hour.

    Be careful though Beverly, the Bible is not a myth. The Bible would call you willfully ignorant and for that there is no cure. It would also call you a fool.

    Don’t shoot the messengers. Read your Bible and ask God to help open your eyes. Jesus Christ died for all who would believe in Him and His work at Calvary.

    1. Oh dear, I pressed someone’s buttons.

      First, dear lady, I am not a Christian and never would be one; they harbor too much hate and my religion says to love my neighbors, not hate them. Modern Christianity has hate in their hearts for anyone who is not like then.

      Far from being ignorant about the bible, I first have to ask you WHICH bible are you referring to? There are many versions of the Christian scriptures.

      I have read the Hebrew scriptures in Hebrew and Aramaic, and the so-called New Testament in Greek. Have you? If not, you haven’t the foggiest idea of what it really says.

      Then there is the matter of blood sacrifices. Where do you get the idea that blood sacrifices are required for atoning for one’s sins? NO WHERE IN THE SCRIPTURES DOES IT EVER SAY THAT IT HAS TO HAPPEN, NEVER, NOT ONCE.

      Like most Christians who have never really read their bibles, you pick and choose what you are going to listen to. You think that the scriptures were meant to be taken literally and that, my dear, is why so many of you choose to totally ignore what Jesus said.

      Do you pray in public? Jesus said not to. Matthew 5:5-15. Yet you people insist on praying out loud in public for just about anything. Do you love your neighbor even if they happen to be gay or trans? Shame on you.

      I could go on and on but I know you will not hear what I am saying, just as you disobey Jesus.

      You get the idea that a blood sacrifice is required from Leviticus 11:17. But as most people you look no further than a single verse to try to prove your point. The ONLY place on this planet where blood sacrifices could be presented and that was in Jerusalem at the Temple.

      The vast majority of people never presented a blood sacrifice because it was not necessary, therefor the myth that Jesus’ blood covers the sins of all for all time is simply not true. READ YOUR BIBLE!

      Once you understand that you have to read more than just one or two verses, that you have to read everything, you don’t know what you are talking about.

      You more than likely eat seafood that does not have scales and fins, right? Lobster, oysters, clams, etc. are prohibited because “they are an abomination.” Yet you happily scarf them down. The word abomination means: This is not what we do. Who is the “we?” The nascent Jewish nation. Yup, it is the same Hebrew that you people so love to hate the LGBT community.

      What did Jesus (not his real name, Jesus is an English name) say was the most important command? You probably think it is love your neighbor as yourself–WRONG. He said the Shema prayer that is said twice a day “Hear Israel, the lord our God is ONE.” Read it, it’s in there. So if you think that Jesus is a god, you are wrong. YOU are the one who is willfully ignorant.

      I have no problem with Christians until they stomp on my feet. Face it, ma’am, I know that a lot more about things biblical. I also know that the United States is NOT a Christian country. Eighty-three percent of Americans are Christians. What about the rest of us?

      I ascribe nothing to the Christian scriptures. Most of those scriptures were written not by the people who supposedly wrote them, but by Paul. None of the apostles were literate enough to have written them. READ IT AND WEEP.

      Besides, the apostles would have been over 100 years old and people simply did not live that long.

      And just for fun, do you think that the Romans were idiots? Just like the IRS, they did not make people go to their birth homes to be taxed. So Jesus was born someplace in northern Judea. He did not go to Egypt wit his folks; that was something that Paul inserted into his writings.

      The morons who handle snakes and drink poison do so because of Psalm 91, part of the evening prayers for observant Jews.

      Enough…you go ahead and believe your way just stay the hell out of my way. And, by the way, there is no such place as hell, that was something the Greeks dreamed up.