Plano ISD Violating Separation of Church and State?

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that: Some Plano students who are Jewish say they were pressured or taunted to pick up copies of the New Testament from school display tables during recent weeks. Their parents have called for changes in district policies that allow outside groups to distribute materials on campus. The Gideons International […]

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Creationists Strike Back

The Institute for Creation Research is launching a public relations campaign to win state approval for a master’s of science education degree from the Dallas-based group. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board unanimously rejected the group’s application last month. On Sunday the Austin American-Statesman published a full-page ad from the Institute. You can see a […]

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Muslims Join Jewish Group on National Day of Prayer Concerns

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has joined Jews on First in calling for events on the National Day of Prayer to be inclusive of all people of faith. A 2005 report from the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund revealed that far-right groups, particularly the National Day of Prayer Task Force, had hijacked the annual day’s […]

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