SBOE Chair Dances Around Teachers and the Law at Hearing

It was, in a twisted way, a remarkable performance. In long, rambling testimony before the House Public Education Committee today, the chairman of the State Board of Education displayed a stunning disregard for facts, teachers and the will of the Legislature. Proclaiming that “Texans should be very proud of its education board,” board chairman Don McLeroy, R-Bryan, effectively thumbed […]

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House Pub Ed Committee Looks at SBOE

Stay tuned to TFN Insider for a recap of today’s House Public Education Committee hearing on the deeply dysfunctional State Board of Education. The board has been taking fire from committee members and teachers over its mishandling of the revision of language arts curriculum standards this spring. TFN Deputy Director Ryan Valentine will be testifying […]

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TFN at Netroots Nation!

Keep an eye out for the Texas Freedom Network booth in the exhibit hall at Netroots Nation this week in Austin! Meet staff members and learn about our organization. This weekend TFN Deputy Director Ryan Valentine will speak at Netroots Nation on two separate panels: Fighting for Progressive Values in Texas (Friday, 1:30 p.m.) What Ever […]

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The SBOE: Contempt for Teachers and the Law

We told you on Monday that the House Public Education Committee had scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. this morning about the State Board of Education. Ryan Valentine, the Texas Freedom Network’s deputy director, is testifying for TFN today. Here’s an excerpt: Over the past 13 years, and especially in the past 12 months, we […]

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Turning Up the Heat on the State Board of Education

The political antics of the far-right faction that now controls the Texas State Board of Education has been attracting a lot of attention in the press. The faction has managed to make work on everything from adopting mathematics textooks to revising language arts and science curriculum standards strained and controversial. Unnecessary fights over those and other issues […]

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