Ferguson on the SBOE

Constitutional scholar and Baptist minister John Ferguson yesterday weighed in on the vague, very general Bible curriculum standards adopted by the State Board of Education in the Abilene Reporter News: As a father and a man of faith, I am concerned whenever government gets involved in my religion or my kids’ lives. Then when the […]

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Teaching the Bible or about the Bible?

The Texas State Board of Education is getting national attention over its irresponsible approach to teaching about the Bible in the state’s public schools. Writer David Walters at Newsweek/Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog notes his own concerns. The board says the purpose of the course is to “teach students knowledge of biblical content, characters, poetry, and […]

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Following the Money

Compared to two years ago, it appears that voucher sugardaddy James Leininger has pulled back a bit (so far) in his donations to candidates for state office. Leininger is the state’s biggest financial supporter of private school voucher schemes. (You can read more about Leininger in a 2006 Texas Freedom Network Education Fund report on […]

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From Bibles to Biology

We’ve been writing a lot about the Bible course guidelines recently adopted by the State Board of Education. But another pressing matter before the board — and one that we should be equally worried about — is what Texas students will learn about evolution in their science classes. Creationists have long tried to include creationism or […]

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Bible Blogging

The State Board of Education’s decision last week to adopt vague, very general guidelines for Texas public school Bible classes is sparking heated debate on the Web. Prominent science blogger Ed Brayton writes about far-right supporters of the state board’s irresponsible vote who are distorting the debate — and the facts. […]

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