Award-winning Film on Texas Textbook Wars Premieres in Dallas Tonight, Houston Next Week

“The Revisionaries” — an award-winning documentary film about the textbook wars in Texas — premieres in Dallas tonight at a special Texas Freedom Network screening. The film will run from tonight until Oct. 11 at Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre in Dallas. But the film’s director, Scott Thurman, and TFN President Kathy Miller, who is featured prominently in the film, will speak at tonight’s 7 p.m. screening. You can buy tickets online here until 6 p.m. You can also watch an exclusive clip from the film on that website.

TFN will host another screening when the film premieres in Houston next Friday, October 12, at Sundance Cinemas. You can also purchase tickets online here for that screening.

The Houston Chronicle’s Lisa Falkenberg calls the film “a must-see for anybody who cares about public education and what … Texas’ 5 million public schoolchildren are learning these days.”

In fact, “The Revisionaries” is the first-ever film to spotlight the politics that surround Texas’ bruising textbook battles and take seriously their far-reaching impact on public education across the country. Michael Moore declared that the film, which prominently features TFN’s advocacy efforts, is a movie every American should see.

We hope to sponsor screenings in other Texas cities soon. Stay tuned!

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