On the Anniversary of the Insurrection, Pledge to Hold the Voter Suppressors Accountable

A year ago we witnessed one of the darkest events in our nation’s history.

It was Jan. 6, 2021, when a pro-Trump mob inspired by the former president’s lies about the presidential election stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. They threatened many lives and injured others, all because they were lied to and told that a free and fair election was stolen. […]

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Texas State Board of Education Puts Politics Ahead of Science Education Again

The State Board of Education’s two-year overhaul of science standards that ended today offered another distressing example of how politics continues to trump teaching about science — and especially climate change — in Texas, Texas Freedom Network President Val Benavidez said. […]

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Politics Trumps Health and Education in Texas Textbook Adoption

The Texas State Board of Education voted today to adopt new health textbooks from just one publisher after critics attacked all of the textbooks for content — even in optional units — that addressed topics related to sex education. Digital textbooks for elementary and middle school offered by three other publishers failed to win approval. […]

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