This Week @ the Texas Legislature: Vouchers on Senate Floor

by TFN

Call your senator TODAY in opposition to this reckless raid on funding for neighborhood public schools. Click here to find the name and phone number for your senator.

Big moves behind the scenes tell us the Senate could take up a massive private school voucher bill this week. It’s critical that you call your senator TODAY and express your strong opposition to Senate Bill 4.

SB 4 gives tax breaks to wealthy interests that fund voucher “scholarships” at private and religious schools. An independent analysis has shown that the bill’s backers are dramatically underestimating the cost of this tax-credit scam — to the tune of billions of dollars in coming years.

Meanwhile, our neighborhood schools are still struggling with billions of dollars in state funding cuts the Legislature passed in 2011.

Please click here to find the name and phone number for your senator. When you call, tell them:

  • No matter what else supporters call SB 4, it’s nothing more than a backdoor voucher scheme. Texas can’t afford to fund two separate school systems: one public and accountable to taxpayers, the other private and unaccountable to taxpayers.
  • Every tax dollar lost to tuition subsidies is a dollar unavailable for neighborhood public schools still struggling with massive budget cuts passed by the Legislature in 2011.
  • Tax-credit vouchers in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania have been shown to be plagued by corruption and scams that benefit the wealthy.