Adult Stem Cells Are Only Part of Groundbreaking Medical Research Needing Support

Adult Stem Cells Are Only Part of Groundbreaking Medical Research Needing Support

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Critical in Efforts to Provide Hope for Families Struggling with Serious Illness, TFN President Says

Adult stem cells are only one important component of groundbreaking medical research that could one day help people with life-threatening and other serious medical conditions, Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller said today.

A Texas House Appropriations subcommittee is hearing testimony today on adult stem cell research. TFN representatives will not be speaking at the hearing, which will include only invited testimony.

Texas needs a responsible, ethical policy that provides hope to families by encouraging research into all stem cells, including embryonic stem cells, Miller said.

“Politicians shouldn’t put obstacles in the way of critical research that gives hope to families struggling with serious medical conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries,” Miller said. “Medical researchers have made it clear that embryonic stem cells are critical to work that may one day lead to effective treatments for those and other serious illnesses. Hope shouldn’t take a back seat to politics.”

The Texas Freedom Network opposes efforts to prevent public funds from being used to directly or indirectly aid embryonic stem cell research.


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