Activist Friday: Q & A with Talia from #TxRising at Trinity U.

Texas Rising, the Texas Freedom Network’s project to engage young people in the political process, relies on some incredible individuals doing great work on their college campuses and in their communities all across the state. We’d like to introduce you to some of these amazing young activists advocating for a better, more fair Texas.

Today we’re profiling Talia Howard from Texas Rising at Trinity University.

What issues are you passionate about?
Talia HowardI’m passionate about social justice: education inequality, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ rights, socio-economic/racial inequalities, etc. I’m especially passionate about how many of these issues are intricately related and interconnected. I’m also passionate about literature and other types of cultural production–I think these forms allow us to empathize with one another and learn from each other.

Why does a project like Texas Rising matter to you?
A project like Texas Rising matters to me because I’m a young person who has spent most of my life in a Texas I love but that also disappoints me in many ways. This project matters to me because it enables young people to participate politically and culturally to help Texas become a more progressive and inclusive place to live and grow up. It allows young people to learn from each other and start to change Texas.

What would an ideal Texas look like to you?
An ideal Texas would have progressive leaders on the state and local level with a legislature dedicated to protecting and embracing all members of the diverse Texas community. It would be a place where no person has to travel long distances to access abortion or other reproductive services, and a state with an inclusive non-discrimination ordinance where evolution is taught everywhere.