12 Ways TFN Activists Helped Improve Texas in 2023

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It’s not easy advocating for progressive change in a state like Texas where politicians push for countless attacks on our shared values and freedoms. In fact, the entire country was privy to just how much Texans endured under Abbott’s authoritarian rule as he pushed four special sessions in his quest to divert much-needed funding from students in local public schools to subsidize tuition for wealthy families at exclusive private and religious schools. Yet, in the face of the far-right’s attacks, progressive Texans forged a path to progress — creating community and joy, and radical acts of resistance.

As Texas Freedom Network closes out 2023, we’re choosing to end the year reflecting on the successes made possible by advocates like you. Together, we’ve organized for reproductive justice and LGBTQIA+ equality. Together, we’ve registered tens of thousands of new voters. Together, we’ve mobilized clergy and faith leaders to speak truth to justice for all. Your support has fueled so many aspects of our work to defend our freedoms and fight for progressive values.

It was hard work, but we did it together. Please enjoy these bright spots we created on the path forward:

  • Showed up to help protect a library that was under threat of getting closed
  • Provided concerned citizens with the tools and tactics to fight back at their local school board over censorship
  • Organized pride events with local school districts
  • Continued to serve as the watchdog at the State Board of Education over science textbooks and PragerU
  • Testified at county commissioner courts to secure campus polling locations 
  • Organized clergy and people of faith to speak up to their school boards against bringing chaplains into schools as counselors 
  • Worked to expand jail-based voting
  • Asked local prosecutors to not file charges against people seeking abortions
  • Pushed to close a coal plant and oil pipeline and other local climate initiatives
  • Signed on 3 more congregations to be free of stigma and shame around abortion, with more in the pipeline
  • Registered thousands of people across this state to vote
  • Petitioned county law officials to end collaboration with ICE

The unmatched fierceness of the Texas Freedom Network powerful grassroots movement we’ve built is something to be proud of on its own, but it’s equally powerful to know we’re building a path forward for future generations looking to build a more progressive Texas reflective of all. 

The power and strength of our work together will carry us into 2024.

Will you join us?

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