The Week in Quotes (March 19 – 25)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

The editorial board of the Austin American-Statesman, on private school voucher schemes proposed at the Texas Legislature.

As the saying goes, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet. Similarly, vouchers by any other name still stink.


TFN President Kathy Miller, on religious refusal laws proposed at the Texas Legislature.

Religious liberty does not mean that people of faith are free to opt out of laws they don’t like, or impose their personal religious beliefs on others, or use religion as a weapon to harm fellow Texans. Faith … should not be used as a license to discriminate.

State Sen. José Menéndez, D-San Antonio, on private school voucher legislation.

The proponents of this bill call it a ‘civil rights issue.’ Maybe if they spend more time inside a classroom rather than defunding it they’d learn a valuable history lesson.

A spokesperson for Texas A&M University, on former Gov. Rick Perry writing an entire op-ed to criticize the election of the university’s first openly gay student body president.

[W]e were a little surprised that the secretary of energy of the United States of America would have the time and bandwidth to weigh in on a university student body president election.


Dallas evangelist Lance Wallnau, telling a mother seeking deliverance for her gay son a complicated story about how converted former prostitutes “saved” a gay man from homosexuality by baking him an “anointed” cake.

It was an anointed cake, and they made the cake and gave the cake as a gift. I know this is strange.