The Week in Quotes (April 8 – 14)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

Ralph Drollinger, talking about the notes Donald Trump makes on Drollinger’s eight-page print-outs most weeks for the White House Bible Study Group, which the president doesn’t attend.

“He writes me back notes on my bible studies.”


Morgan Graham, on denying Log Cabin Republicans a booth at the state party convention this year. Graham read from a Texas Democratic Party ad that invited Log Cabin members to join and called it disturbing that Democrats would be more accepting of conservatives than conservatives.

“These are the hounds of destruction snapping at our heels, and they’re lean, and they’re hungry. … And they’re hungrier and in this case more aggressive than the sword some of us are willing to fall on over a booth fee. … At the rate that we’re going, we’re going to run out of people to kick out of this party.”


Haley Adams of Portland, Oregon. Adams was part of a Trump Rally at the Texas Capitol on March 3.

“Women, it’s time to get back in the kitchen!”


Tony Diaz, a Houston-based author and educator who fought for Mexican-American Studies, praising the Texas Board of Education decision for implementing a Mexican-American Studies course.

“This demonstrates the vast intelligence of our community, our creativity, our energy. And because of our numbers, because of our education, because of technology, because of our community’s increasing resources, we are the generation that can accelerate the genius of those who have come before us.”


Jerome Corsi, the Washington bureau chief for the right-wing conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, in an appearance on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program.

“I think the hand of God has touched Donald Trump and I do see the hand of God in his presidency. He is going to expose the deep state and bring these people to justice in a way that no one else could, even if it involves military tribunals, even if it involves charging Hillary and Barack Obama with treason, which I believe is the end game here and I think it’s going to be played out.”