Texas Freedom Network Statements on End of 80th Regular Session of Texas Legislature

Texas Freedom Network Statements on End of 80th Regular Session of Texas Legislature

Defeat of Vouchers Highlights Failed Leadership

May 28, 2007

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller released the following statements on the end of the 80th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature:

On vouchers and public education:
“Voters in 2006 sent a clear message that Texans support their neighborhood public schools and oppose private school voucher schemes. Despite James Leininger’s multi-million dollar effort to buy pro-voucher votes, legislators heard the voters and the beginning of the session saw the most resounding defeat of private school vouchers since the issue was first introduced at the Capitol.”

On the failed leadership of the Texas House:
“Under Speaker Craddick, the Texas House has become a playground for radical special interests willing to cynically exploit religion for political gain and interfere in the most personal aspects of people’s lives. So-called ‘conservative’ Texas legislators, with Craddick’s full support, would have government tell our children what to believe about the Bible, dictate the relationship between husbands and wives, and derisively use faith to justify intolerance and discrimination in our public schools. It’s past time that Texas got leaders who recognize that Texans care about good jobs, good schools and health care, not hot-button culture-war issues.”


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