Texas for All Coalition Unveils Massive Six-Figure Investment in Statewide Field Organizing Program

For Immediate Release
Aug. 19, 2021

AUSTIN, TX — Today, Texas for All, a coalition of more than 100 groups dedicated to the advancement of Texas’ democracy, has unveiled a massive initial six-figure investment for in-district organizing in important targeted areas to curb the rise of voter suppression in the state. This latest effort to invest in organizing will aid the fight for equitable voting access for all Texans.

By investing in this new field program, Texas for All is aiming to hold Texas legislators accountable and shed light on their actions—especially for young people of color. This program is up and running with organizing capacity based in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. The coalition will also hold in-district events often within the coalition. 

Despite state leadership’s best efforts to silence Texas voters in this ongoing assault on our rights and freedoms, we won’t back down. We’re only getting stronger.

Texas Freedom Network Executive Director Val Benavidez  issued the following statement:

“We’ve watched Governor Abbott trample all over voting rights with his suppression session for far too long. It’s time Texans fight back—not just with words, but with organizing and action. This is not just a six figure investment in organizing, it’s an investment in the future of democracy in Texas and around the country.

“This investment will help our communities win this battle for the soul of our state because in the face of  Gov. Greg Abbott’s tyranny, the people’s voice must prevail.

“Since Texas for All began its work this summer, our combined organizations are completely dedicated to combating the issues that affect Texans most. We’re working to tackle the biggest problems facing Texans today, including health care, the failing power grid, and an extremist agenda from Texas Republicans.”

To read more about this historic investment, click here. 


The Texas for All coalition consists of organizations such as the Texas Freedom Network, Workers Defense Action Fund, Texas Organizing Project, Texas Civil Rights Project, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, and more than 27 other organizations. It is designed to fight state leadership’s attempts to take away voting and civil rights across the state.