Tell Lawmakers: ‘Just Vote No’ on Anti-LGBT Discrimination

YallMeansAllWith precious few days left in the Texas legislative session, anti-LGBT lawmakers are doing everything they can to legalize discrimination in Texas. Here is where things stand:

In the Texas Senate

  • HB 3859 is expected to be voted on by the full Senate as soon as this Friday, May 19. This bill would allow child welfare providers that contract with the state to discriminate against LGBT families in foster care and adoptive placements. HB 3859 has already been approved in the House.

In the Texas House of Representatives

  • Amendments: We expect anti-LGBT lawmakers to attempt to add a flurry of discriminatory amendments to otherwise innocuous bills. In fact, House members have already added such amendments to several bills, and they could become law (see below for a list of anti-LGBT amendments and their corresponding bills).
  • SB 522: This bill would permit county officials and employees to refuse to issue marriage licenses to couples to whom they have personal religious objections. This bill has cleared the Senate and could be voted on in the House any day now.

We are just about out of time. This is our last chance to keep discrimination from becoming the law in Texas.

We need you to call your state representative and your senator with a blunt and simple message: Just vote “no” on any and all stand-alone bills or amendments that would discriminate against LGBT Texans.

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More information

Download a list of anti-LGBT amendments
Download TFN’s fact sheet on HB 3859
Download TFN’s fact sheet on SB 522