So Ted Cruz Actually Defends This

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s fighting it out with Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, can’t understand why ESPN fired baseball analyst Curt Schilling for posting this on his Facebook page:


Cruz actually defended Schilling today, saying the former baseball star was simply pointing out that “we shouldn’t allow grown male adult strangers alone in a bathroom with little girls.”

Really, Sen. Cruz? That’s what you think Schilling was really saying with his disgraceful, dehumanizing post?

And never mind, we suppose, that this was hardly the first time Schilling had embarrassed his employer. From Deadspin:

Two months ago, he said Hillary Clinton “should be buried under a jail somewhere.” Three months ago, Schilling joked about being fired from ESPN for his donation to Ben Carson. Seven months ago, ESPN had nothing to say about Schilling posting insane memes on Facebook. Eight months ago, Schilling tweeted a meme comparing Muslims and Nazis, and was suspended for it. Shortly after that, he emailed a long, strange rant to a blogger to clarify his thoughts about Muslims and Nazis, and was suspended for the rest of the season.

Schilling publicly and proudly proclaimed bigoted views on a regular basis. He posted repulsive things to Facebook nearly every day, frequently going from the repulsive to the despicable and continuously dehumanizing others. ESPN repeatedly and severely punished employees for far milder violations of its various policies, and yet Schilling just kept on spending his days degrading people who aren’t like him.

But Sen. Cruz is defending the guy. So what does that tell you about Ted Cruz?