The right-wing Texas Pastor Council is pushing hard to get conservative Christians to the polls in November. But perhaps the group should consider choosing a messenger who doesn’t offend a lot of those very Christians.

An email Wednesday from the group to supporters includes an appeal for Tim LaHaye, a prominent fundamentalist preacher and coauthor of the apocalyptic “Left Behind” books, to pastors:

“As a Bible-teaching pastor for the past 66 years and a Christian author, I am more deeply concerned about America than ever before. Not just because the anti-Christian secular left controls the media, public education, most of the entertainment industry and our present government, but BECAUSE A MAJORITY OF EVANGELICALS AND ALL CHRISTIANS DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO VOTE!”

The rest of LaHaye’s message calls for pastors to preach politics from their pulpits on October 7 — part of what religious-right groups are calling “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” a challenge to the federal law that prohibits tax-exempt nonprofits from engaging in partisan politics.

All of that is standard religious-right fare. But the Texas Pastor Council also prefaces its message with a headline calling LaHaye “one of the greatest pastors of our time.”

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