Remembering a Friend

Joe Brown and his wife Nina accept TFN’s 2007 Samantha Smoot Activist Award from TFN President Kathy Miller. The TFN family lost a dear friend yesterday with the passing of Joe Brown of Houston. Joe was one of the founders of Texans for Advancement of Medical Research (TAMR), which, under Joe’s leadership, grew to become […]

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Groups Set Symposium on Stem Cell Research for Oct. 19 in Austin

The Texas Freedom Network supports stem cell research, which offers hope to millions of people struggling with serious medical conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes and spinal cord injuries. But each legislative session religious-right groups try to ban one of the most promising form of this research — embryonic stem cell research — in Texas. […]

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Stand Up for Stem Cell Research in Texas

Want to learn more about stem cell therapies and current research? Our friends at Texans for Stem Cell Research are hosting a series of educational events focused on this promising medical research. The next event, on Tuesday, April 19, in Austin, features Dr. Sean Savitz, director of Cellular Therapy and Translational Stroke Research at the […]

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Defend Stem Cell Research in Texas

The religious right’s war on science and responsible medical research in Texas is sure to heat up during the current legislative session in Austin. So the Texas Freedom Network is once again working with coalition partners to defend one of the far right’s major targets: embryonic stem cell research. You can help by joining TFN […]

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Learning More about Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research, which gives hope to so many people struggling with serious medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and cancer, remains a political battleground in Texas. While embryonic stem cell research is currently legal in Texas, religious-right groups continue to pressure lawmakers to ban that important work or severely limit its funding. In 2009, […]

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