Far-right pressure groups are still screaming about “religious discrimination” as the culprit in the Texas Senate’s failure last week to confirm Don McLeroy, R-College Station, as chairman of the State Board of Education. Today, for example, Free Market Foundation Focus on the Family-Texas is again making that absurd charge:

We are outraged that SBOE Chairman, Don McLeroy, was blocked from confirmation by 11 Democrat Senators. Despite our best efforts to the contrary, the Senate discussion focused on his Christian beliefs and the opinion of the N.Y. Times. Outrageous.

As we have already pointed out, these reckless attempts to manipulate people of faith are cynical and deeply dishonest. (Some might say un-Christian as well.)

A number of senators spoke eloquently against McLeroy’s confirmation, including Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio; Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso; and Rodney Ellis, D-Houston. You can watch the full Senate video of the debate here. Click on the archive for May 28. Debate on McLeroy’s confirmation begins shortly after the 1:12 mark.

One of the most eloquent speeches came from Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin. If you don’t have time to… Read More

When it rains, it pours. Last week Don McLeroy failed to win Senate confirmation of his nomination as Texas State Board of Education chairman. Now he's picked up what could be a very stiff challenge to his re-election next year. Paul Burka at Texas Monthly is reporting that Thomas Ratliff, son of former lieutenant governor Bill Ratliff, will challenge McLeroy in the 2010 Republican primary. From Ratliff's press release:…… Read More

We thought you might like to see one of the e-mails making the rounds. This is from a Texas religious-righter, who addressed his screed to “Texas Officials” and the “Texas SBOE.”

The “BORKING” of Dr. Don McLeroy … !!!

We have now seen it happen many, many times … a perfectly good and decent person is “Politically Assassinated” by Liberal Democrats for the crime of “NOT being a Liberal Democrat.”

This UGLY, Un-American PATHOLOGY became famous back in 1987 when it was successfully used against  Robert Bork on national tv. Because Bork boldly spoke out against Judges who “Legislate from the Bench,” the Liberal Democrats in the US Senate, orchestrated a vicious smear campaign against him and denied him a seat on the US Supreme Court.

Now, the highly partisan Sen. Kirk Watson and Sen. Eliot Shapleigh and the highly partisan TEXAS FREEDOM NETWORK, have successfully brought the Satanic art of “BORKING” to Texas … ; they recently managed to smear Dr. Don McLeroy, a good and decent man, with sickening LIES. This tag-team of DEMONS claimed that Dr. McLeroy tried to force CREATIONISM into the Science Classroom, and they told this brazen LIE over and over again.

The… Read More

Far-right groups have consistently and recklessly blamed religious discrimination for the Senate’s failure to confirm the nomination of Don McLeroy as chairman of the Texas State Board of Education.

An e-mail today from Texas Eagle Forum:

Don McLeroy’s opponents admitted he was “fair,” but simply did not like his Biblical worldview. Please thank him for his courageous service as SBOE chairman and encourage him to continue to stand for righteousness in the public square.

One of the staffers at Free Market Foundation Focus on the Family – Texas:

The message has been sent — if you have sincere religious beliefs, you need not apply to be chair of the State Board of Education.

Even state Sen. Steve Ogden, R-Bryan, suggested that people would see McLeroy’s failure to win confirmation as evidence of a “religious test” for office.

This all is nonsense. As senators who voted against his confirmation repeatedly said, McLeroy is a good, decent man. No one attacked McLeroy’s “Biblical worldview.” His religious beliefs weren’t at issue.

Simply put, McLeroy’s chairmanship failed students, their families and other taxpayers. He has sided with board members who callously disregard… Read More

The Texas Senate today failed to confirm Don McLeroy as chairman of the State Board of Education. The 19-11 vote fell short of the two-thirds majority needed for confirmation. Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is releasing the following statement:

“Watching the state board the last two years has been like watching one train wreck after another. We had hoped that the Legislature would take more action to put this train back on the tracks, but clearly new leadership on the board was a needed first step. The governor should know that parents will be watching closely to see whether he chooses a new chairman who puts the education of their children ahead of personal and political agendas.”

Rumors about whom Gov. Rick Perry will choose to replace McLeroy as board chairman have been abundant. The state Constitution appears to direct the governor to act immediately to choose a new chairman, but the next board meeting isn’t until July.

Regardless of the governor’s selection for the next chair of the board, our work is not done. With your support, TFN will continue leading the charge for sound education standards, ideology-free textbooks and the best… Read More