2012 in Quotes: Church, State and Science

Whether on prayer in public schools or creationism in science classrooms, we heard plenty from politicians and activists who see no problem mixing religion and state. Our review of what the far right had to say in 2012 continues. You can read more quotes from 2012 and previous years here. “In 1962 we kicked prayer […]

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New Orleans Schools Say ‘No’ to ‘Revisionist’ History from Texas

How badly has the State Board of Education wrecked the educational reputation of Texas? Pretty badly, if a policy adopted this week by the local school board in New Orleans is any indication. On Tuesday the Orleans Parish Public Schools board passed the following policy: “No history textbook shall be approved which has been adjusted […]

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‘Dinosaurs and Denial’

That’s the headline to a piece by New York Times columnist Charles Blow. Blow suggests that confusing comments by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, about his thoughts on the age of Earth are just another example of modern American conservatism trapped in the grip of anti-intellectual zealots. Money quote: This anti-intellectualism is antediluvian. No wonder […]

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Say What?

When creationists on the State Board of Education consider new science textbooks for Texas public schools next year and make their usual arguments that supporters of sound science are “secular humanists” and “atheists,” perhaps we’ll remind them of what Pat Robertson (yes, THAT Pat Robertson) said this week: “You go back in time, you’ve got […]

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Legislating Creationism in Science Classrooms?

As we prepare for the 2013 session of the Texas Legislature — a session that could be one of the most difficult ever for supporters of public schools — it appears that creationists are redoubling their efforts to promote creationism in our nation’s science classrooms. This month a Montana legislator officially requested the drafting of […]

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