Party for Science!

What’s one way you can Stand Up for Science in Texas? Throw a party!

Host a house party and screen an award-winning documentary, Kansas vs. Darwin, which chronicles creationist efforts to undermine what schoolchildren learn about evolution in their science classrooms. Kansas vs. Darwin looks specifically at what happened when religious extremists took control of the State Board of Education in Kansas. The resulting battle against sound science threatened the education of Kansas schoolchildren, demoralized teachers and continues to ripple through the state’s electoral politics. That debate is now shifting to Texas, where the creationist-controlled State Board of Education is considering new curriculum standards for public school science classes.

Screening Kansas vs. Darwin at your house party is a simple but effective way to educate friends about efforts by extremists to promote their personal religious views over all others and undermine sound science education. Texas Freedom Network will give you the support and tools you need to educate friends about the Stand Up for Science campaign, including a Kansas vs. Darwin DVD, promotional materials and suggestions for taking action.

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