More Extremism in the Texas GOP Platform

The rest of the nation seems to be having second thoughts about the religious right’s radical agenda, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the Texas Republican Party platform adopted earlier this month. Religious extremists who control the party are doubling down, pushing a platform that’s as radical as any in the past. The Texas Freedom Network has analyzed the party platform here.

Here’s a taste of what Texas would look like under the GOP platform:

  • The party platform would sweep away key protections for separation of church and state and religious freedom.
  • Government would become a powerful weapon in renewed attacks on sound science and medical research.
  • Government would strip women of their right to make decisions regarding their reproductive health.
  • Legalized discrimination against gay and lesbian Texans would escalate. Government would even strip gay and lesbian parents of any right to custody of their own children and would restrict visitation rights.