Who Gets to Write Our History?

The Texas State Board of Education will begin voting on changes to social studies standards this week. And the last time the board tackled history standards, this happened:

Do we have your attention?

Good, because the next three days will go a long way toward determining how history is taught in Texas — and around the country — for the next generation. Here’s how you can follow the action.


TFN’s #TeachtheTruth rally @ 10am
Come out in person or watch our live stream on our Facebook page

SBOE public hearing (all day)
Follow along on TFN’s Twitter feed


SBOE hearing and board vote begins @ 9:30 am
TFN will be live-tweeting (and live fact-checking!) every vote the board takes.
Follow along and join the conversation using #TeachTheTruth


TFN will send a quick wrap-up of the important moments and votes.
And tell you what you can do to make sure students learn accurate, unbiased history.

We can’t begin to heal all the divisions in our state and country if we continue to lie about our history. Help us make this week a historic turn toward teaching the truth in Texas.