TFN’s DEI and Anti-Racism Promise

The state of Texas should, and can, be a place where every person can thrive regardless of race, ethnicity, class, sex, gender, religion, education, or upbringing. For the past 27+ years, TFN’s goal has been to create a state where a reflective democracy and civic engagement at all levels are attainable for all who call Texas home. 

While the work fluctuates on varying topics each year, one thing holds true: Black, Indigenous, and people of color are constantly on the defense from new attacks. As an organization, we try to do our best in holding our heads up and keeping up the fight to help our communities organize and do advocacy work at the local and state levels. But if we’re honest, we know our communities are not okay and have not been okay for decades. 

BIPOC communities are not okay because the state of Texas and our country were built on the pillars of racism that have created barriers for people based on their gender, race and ethnicity, abilities and disabilities, religion, culture, age, and sexual orientation. It may be hard to understand or define because we’re not always looking for it, but these barriers definitely have led to persistent gaps in opportunity and outcomes over time. 

If we are to be successful in building an inclusive and equitable society for all people in Texas, we as an organization must also confront our own policies, practices, and systems that lead to different outcomes based upon these factors.

TFN is pledging to be fully committed to advancing anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion work both internally and externally.