BREAKING: Texas Freedom Network Celebrates Yet Another Voucher Failure

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November 17, 2023

CONTACT: Emily Witt (she/hers), [email protected] 

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas State House today voted to remove school vouchers from HB 1, sending the bill back to Committee for review.

Vouchers — one of Gov. Abbott’s key priorities — were introduced during the 88th regular session, and two of the four special sessions called this year have included voucher legislation.

Texas Freedom Network Vice President of Programs Marti Bier (they/them) issued the following response:

“The rejection of yet another voucher scheme echoes a resounding truth: Texans will never stop fighting to protect the right of every child to receive a quality education, regardless of their zip code, the color of their skin, or if they or their family are LGBTQIA+. The proposed legislation threatens to siphon off vital funds from our public schools to benefit private schools that can openly discriminate against our students, jeopardizing the future of our children. Its failure to pass today is a testament to our collective commitment to an education system that serves all, not just a few.
“Even as we celebrate yet another blow to vouchers, we cannot ignore Governor Abbott’s reprehensible, deliberate strategy to divert attention from his legislative failure to pass vouchers by intensifying the criminalization of immigrants in our communities. This tactic is a desperate move to shift blame, create divisions, and scapegoat our undocumented neighbors.”