An Invitation and a Word on Alabama


What: Faith Advocacy Day
When: Feb. 17, 1pm (begin gathering at 12:45pm)
Where: North steps of the Capitol in Austin

Same-sex marriage became legal in Alabama this morning, the 37th state where such is the case.

Overnight many of the headlines have centered around Roy Moore, the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who has ordered the state’s probate judges to defy a federal court order by continuing to uphold Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages. Some probate judges are siding with Moore. Still, as we type, committed same-sex couples are marrying all over Alabama.

For now, let’s not focus on Moore. Instead, let’s focus on the positive and say a quick word about Rev. Dr. Ellin Jimmerson, and we’d also like to extend an invitation to you.

Jimmerson, a 63-year-old Baptist pastor from Huntsville, told the Los Angeles Times that she sees same-sex marriage as part of the civil rights struggle and was scheduled to perform a same-sex wedding this morning. Per the Times:

“I grew up in the civil rights movement; my parents were civil rights activists. I’m white in the Deep South, and it just seemed segregation and racism were just so a part of our DNA that we could never get past it. If we’ve learned nothing else, we’ve learned that legislation can actually help people to move on past their fears and prejudices and insecurities.”

People of faith and faith leaders do support same-sex marriage, and they see full equality and basic principles of fairness as being fully congruent with their faith and faith traditions.

To that end, TFN and our partners at Equality Texas would like to invite faith leaders and lay people from all over Texas to converge in Austin to speak out for LGBTQ equality.

As a part of their day-long schedule, we will gather on the north steps of the Capitol at 1 p.m. for a brief public event demonstrating the broad and deep support for equality in the faith communities of this state. If you’re not a person of faith but support equality, the invitation is also extended to you and would be glad to have you stand with us on the north steps of the Capitol. All are welcome.