After Years Of Advocacy Work, Texas Rising Organizers Celebrate Closure Of Spruce Coal Plant

January 24, 2023

CONTACT: Imelda Mejia, 512-212-1758, [email protected]

SAN ANTONIO – CPS Energy voted Monday to move away from burning coal at its Spruce coal plant, and convert it to burning another fossil fuel, natural gas.

The plant was one of the most recent coal plants to be built in the U.S., and quickly became one of the largest polluters, not only in San Antonio, but in the country.

In 2020, Texas Rising was part of a historic effort to make the San Antonio City Council the governing authority of CPS Energy, gathering more than 14,000 signatures from residents supporting the organization’s goal of shutting down the Spruce coal plant by 2030.

Lexy Garcia, Texas Rising Field Coordinator and one of the advocates continuously pushing the board to close the plant, had the following reaction:

“Constant public pressure, petition drives, sustained organizing, and people power made this happen. The Spruce coal plant was harming our communities and our futures. We are proud of the work we’ve all accomplished with the plant’s closing, but there’s still a real fight to be had about what replaces it. We know natural gas is not natural, and that clean energy renewables and battery storage will continue to be the cheapest, most reliable option that will keep our environment safe and our cost of living affordable. The city-owned board has heard from us, and we will continue to ask that they do what’s right for the communities they serve.”

Under Monday’s approved plan, CPS Energy wants to shut down Spruce 1 by 2028 and convert Spruce 2 to a natural gas plant by 2027. Texas Rising still wants CPS Energy to commit to rate reform, and seek alternative, equitable and accessible energy solutions.