20 Years and Still Fighting Hard — Help Us Continue

This short video tells the story of the Texas Freedom Network since its founding back in 1995.

Over the past 20 years, TFN has been the leading organization fighting back full-time against the radical right’s divisive political agenda in the Lone Star State. Often working with fantastic partner organizations, we have defeated irresponsible private school voucher schemes and reckless efforts by creationists to censor science textbooks in our kids’ public schools. We have pushed for responsible sex education, defended reproductive rights for women and championed full equality for LGBT Texans. We continue to stand strong for separation or church and state — a key constitutional principle that protects religious freedom by barring government from favoring or disfavoring any religion.

Our work has been important for the rest of the country as well. Time after time, the right has used Texas as a political laboratory, exporting to other states the cynical political strategies that have been successful here. Moreover, public school textbooks adopted in Texas also make it into classrooms across the country. And Texas continues to supply politicians, activists and big dollars to support the far right’s political agenda across America.

So as TFN’s 20th anniversary year comes to a close, we hope you will consider supporting our important work. We don’t have to tell you how challenging the political environment remains in Texas. If you live here or have even a passing familiarity with politics in Texas, you already know. But also know that we’ve won some important victories over the years. And to keep up the fight, we need — and are immensely grateful for — your support. Please click here to donate whatever you can afford in your own budget. Regardless of the amount, your gift will help TFN continue our work in support of public education, civil liberties and religious freedom for all.