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by Kathy Miller, TFN President

One of the constants in Texas politics is a State Board of Education that generates controversy at virtually every turn. Now one of the board’s long-running and most embarrassing fights – what schools should teach about evolution – is making an unwelcome return.

Board members are already struggling with the proposed adoption of a deeply offensive and error-riddled Mexican-American studies textbook. And for months they have been arguing over the revision of language arts curriculum standards, a dispute that includes a silly conspiracy theory about bad people trying to sneak Common Core into Texas schools.

Then, as if those controversies weren’t enough, several state board members launched a fresh assault on evolution last week.

Fights over the teaching of evolution heated up in the 1990s, when creationists launched a long campaign to take control of the state board. In 2009, they succeeded in adding to the state’s curriculum standards for science a number of requirements designed to undermine evolution in textbooks and classroom instruction.

At the same time, board members made those standards so detailed and unwieldy that teachers have voiced frustration with how to cover them all. The board did the same thing to the social studies standards in… Read More

Texas GOP Ed Board Member’s Wish on Textbook Controversy: ‘Deny the Hispanics a Record Vote’

Emails show that a Republican member of the State Board of Education wants to "deny the Hispanics a record vote" when the board decides in November whether to adopt a controversial Mexican-American studies textbook proposed for Texas public schools. Other related emails from individuals outside the board are laced with political criticism and insults, with one writer referring to a state board member from the Rio Grande Valley as "another whining Mexican." Read More

Today's Texas Freedom Network press release about a new attack by creationists on the State Board of Education on the teaching of evolution: Read More

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes culled from news reports from across Texas, and beyond. Read More

Already bogged down in controversies over the proposed adoption of an offensive and error-riddled Mexican-American studies textbook and a revision of the state’s language arts curriculum standards, State Board of Education members this week launched a fresh assault on the teaching of evolution in Texas public schools. In response, TFN President Kathy Miller delivered the following letter to the state board today. Read More

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